PacktLib: Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook

Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook


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Researching the Market and Competition and Setting Goals


Focusing on relevance

Identifying your competitors using Google search results

Using third-party tools to research competitors

Analyzing budgets and bids to determine market saturation

Setting advertising goals

Predicting if AdWords will be profitable and calculating potential returns

Setting up Your Account


Creating an AdWords account

Determining the right billing option for your needs

Inviting other users to access your account

Changing user access levels or removing users

Enabling auto tagging at the account level

Changing your notification settings

Tracking beyond the Click


Linking AdWords to Google Analytics

Creating a conversion goal in AdWords to track leads or sales

Importing goals from Google Analytics into AdWords

Verifying that conversion tracking is working

Analyzing how long it takes to convert customers

Analyzing assist clicks and impressions

Analyzing AdWords data in Google Analytics

Analyzing time on site data and bounce rates

Structuring Your Account


Planning account structure

Common ways to structure campaigns

Deciding where to show your ads

Device targeting options

Choosing which locations to target

Excluding locations from seeing your ads

Selecting target languages

Creating themed ad groups

Renaming campaigns and ad groups

Creating Relevant Keywords


Using keyword matching options effectively

Finding relevant keywords

Analyzing competitor keywords from and similar tools

Generating negative keywords

Identifying keyword duplicates

Multiplying keyword phrases

Changing broad keywords to broad match modifiers

Adding new keywords to an existing ad group

Editing, pausing, or deleting keywords

Writing Compelling Ads


Researching competitors' ads

Setting campaign ad rotation

Creating effective ads

Choosing landing pages

Implementing dynamic keyword insertion in ads

Avoiding common ad copy mistakes

Split testing ad copy

Editing your ad text

Pausing or deleting ads

Budgets and Bidding


Setting and adjusting campaign budgets

Evaluating your current budget and potential impact of budget changes

Setting and adjusting ad group level bids

Setting and adjusting keyword level bids

Enabling enhanced bidding

Enabling Conversion Optimizer

Adjusting CPA bids

Setting separate bids for calls

Predicting impact of bid changes using the Bid Simulator

Modifying mobile bids

Adjusting location bids

Adjusting bids based on the day of the week and time of day

Running Display Ads


Creating an automatic placements campaign

Creating a managed placements campaign

Researching and adding display placements

Targeting display sites based on topics

Excluding irrelevant and poorly performing placements

Avoid displaying your ads on certain pages

Excluding categories of sites and potentially sensitive topics

Adding image ads to display campaigns

Creating rich image ads with Display Ad Builder

Analyzing relative CTR to benchmark display performance

Remarketing to Past Visitors


Generating the remarketing code

Creating remarketing audiences in AdWords

Creating custom remarketing combinations via rules

Setting up a remarketing campaign

Setting remarketing bids

Setting frequency caps to limit how often ads show

Increasing traffic to your remarketing campaign

Remarketing to YouTube viewers

Reporting and Analysis


Running and scheduling reports

Customizing columns to personalize data views

Analyzing the days and times when ads perform best

Analyzing geographic performance

Reviewing call details

Finding out where on display your ads are appearing

Segmenting performance reports

Creating filters to customize reporting

Viewing data in graph format

Evaluating sitelink extensions

Using impression share metrics to increase conversions

Optimizing Performance


Improving relevance and Quality Score

Improving ad rank

Changing keyword match types

Scheduling ads to run during key days and times

Expanding your keyword list

Analyzing ad copy performance and picking top performers

Adjusting budgets to maximize traffic and conversions

Tips to increase traffic

Running search term reports to optimize keywords

Optimizing bids for ROI

Optimizing keywords to improve ROI

Excluding IP addresses from seeing your ads

Optimizing your landing pages

Advanced Strategies and Features


Creating sitelinks

Setting up call extensions

Implementing social extensions

Setting up location extensions

Promoting application downloads

Setting up Dynamic Search Ads

Creating product ads

Using experiments to test campaign changes

Using advanced negative match keywords

Automating actions based on rules and goals

Common AdWords mistakes

Managing AdWords


Troubleshooting why your ads are not showing up

Finding out your ad's approval status

Creating custom alerts to monitor performance

Reviewing past changes and revisions

Viewing or hiding paused or deleted items

Getting started with AdWords Editor

Making changes to campaign settings via AdWords Editor

Reviewing account statistics through AdWords Editor

Copying campaigns or ad groups with AdWords Editor

Adding keywords in bulk using AdWords Editor

Updating ads in bulk using AdWords Editor