PacktLib: Managing Data and Media in Microsoft Silverlight 4: A mashup of chapters from Packt's bestselling Silverlight books

Managing Data and Media in Microsoft Silverlight 4: A mashup of chapters from Packt's bestselling Silverlight books


About the Contributors


Layouts and General Content Organization


Fluid layout

Creating a navigation pane from scratch

Window management and positioning


Progressive disclosure—showing additional controls on demand

Control docking with DockPanel

Journal navigation


Adding a status bar area

Handling Data

Data applications

Time for action —creating a business object

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Time for action —creating a Silverlight-enabled WCF service

Collecting data

Time for action —creating a form to collect data

Validating data

Time for action —creating a data object

Time for action —binding our data object to our controls

Time for action —validating data input

Data submission

Time for action —submitting data to the server


An Introduction to Data Binding


Displaying data in Silverlight applications

Creating dynamic bindings

Binding data to another UI element

Binding collections to UI elements

Enabling a Silverlight application to automatically update its UI

Obtaining data from any UI element it is bound to

Using the different modes of data binding to allow persisting data

Data binding from Expression Blend 4

Using Expression Blend 4 for sample data generation

Advanced Data Binding


Hooking into the data binding process

Replacing converters with Silverlight 4 BindingBase properties

Validating databound input

Validating data input using attributes

Validating using IDataErrorInfo and INotifyDataErrorInfo

Using templates to customize the way data is shown by controls

Building a change-aware collection type

The Data Grid


Displaying data in a customized DataGrid

Inserting, updating, and deleting data in a DataGrid

Sorting and grouping data in a DataGrid

Filtering and paging data in a DataGrid

Using custom columns in the DataGrid

Implementing master-detail in the DataGrid

Validating the DataGrid

Talking to REST and WCF Data Services


Reading data from a REST service

Interacting with Data on the SharePoint Server

Managing data in a Silverlight RIA included in a SharePoint solution


Interacting with Rich Media and Animations

Bringing life to business applications and complex workflows


Data Access Strategies

Data access overview

Understanding network security

Building services with Windows Communication Foundation

Building Dashboards in SharePoint and Silverlight

Overview of SharePoint

Building a Silverlight web part

Building a SharePoint Silverlight dashboard

Working with 3D Characters

The second remake assignment

Time for action —exporting a 3D model without considering textures

Time for action —from DCC tools to WPF

Time for action —displaying a 3D model in a 2D screen with WPF

Time for action —using other XAML exporter for DCC tools

Time for action —adding 3D elements and interacting with them using Expression Blend

Silverlight and the 3D world

Time for action —exporting a 3D model to ASE

Time for action —installing Balder 3D engine

Time for action —from DCC tools to Silverlight