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Citrix XenApp 6.5 Expert Cookbook



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Remote Desktop Services


Scripting a command-line installation of the RD License Server

Configuring the RD License Server

Scripting a command-line installation of the RD Session Host

Configuring the RD Session Host

Configuring RDS settings with Microsoft Group Policies

Revoking RDS Device CALs with the RD License Manager

Creating RDS Per User CALs Reports

Using the Licensing Diagnosis snap-in for RD Session Hosts

Troubleshooting RD License Server discovery

Troubleshooting RD License Issuance

Rebuilding the RD License Database

Recovering your RDS CALs to a new RD License Server

Citrix License Server


Scripting a command-line installation and configuration of the Citrix License Server

Installing the license files on your Citrix License Server manually

Configuring console user accounts for the management console

Monitoring the Citrix license usage on the Dashboard

Changing port numbers on the Citrix License Server

Clustering the Citrix License Server with Microsoft Clustering

Finding your Citrix License Server version

Recovering your password when locked out of the Licensing Administration Console

Using LSQuery, a License Server Data Collection Tool

Resetting the license count

Troubleshooting tools for the Citrix License Server

Citrix Web Interface


Scripting a command-line installation of the Citrix Web Interface

Creating a Citrix Web Interface XenApp website

Customizing the Citrix Web Interface's look

Creating a Citrix Web Interface XenApp Services Site

Configuring site settings with webinterface.conf

Building your own language pack

Load balancing your Citrix Web Interface with Microsoft NLB

Speeding up the Web Interface's first logon time

Fixing pass-through authentication

Troubleshooting application launch errors

Configuring application launch settings

Citrix StoreFront


Scripting a command-line installation of Citrix StoreFront

Configuring a StoreFront Store

Configuring StoreFront Receiver for the Web

Configuring Remote Access for a Store

Configuring StoreFront for mobile devices

Configuring StoreFront Receiver for the Web using configuration files

Managing application behavior by adding keywords

Changing the Server Base URL

Troubleshooting StoreFront Errors

The NetScaler Gateway


Licensing the Citrix NetScaler Gateway Enterprise Edition

Configuring the Citrix Web Interface with a NetScaler Gateway authentication point

Configuring the NetScaler Gateway for the Citrix Web Interface

Configuring the NetScaler Gateway for Citrix StoreFront (CSF)

Changing the NetScaler Gateway's logon page theme

Using VLANs on the NetScaler Gateway

Checking the NetScaler Gateway's performance statistics

Recovering the password for the NetScaler Gateway

Saving, restoring, and comparing the NetScaler Gateway configurations

XenApp Management


Scripting a command-line installation and configuration of the Citrix XenApp server

Creating custom administrative roles for delegated management

Sending a message to one or more logged on XenApp users

Creating a custom Load Evaluator

Using Worker Groups to cluster XenApp servers and configurations

Configuring the ICA Listener

Configuring the HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection

Configuring advanced printing settings

Working with print drivers on Citrix XenApp

Logging administrative changes to a XenApp Farm

Enabling the Windows 7 look and feel desktop theme

Implementing the Citrix XenApp Mobility Pack

XenApp Maintenance and Monitoring


Monitoring live session information with AppCenter

Installing hotfixes and rollup packages

Validating the integrity of the XenApp Farm Data Store database

Maintaining the XenApp Farm Data Store

Preparing for XenApp imaging and provisioning

Monitoring XenApp with Performance Monitor

Monitoring XenApp server status with EdgeSight

Monitoring XenApp with Health Monitoring and Recovery

Managing XenApp resource allocation

Configuring XenApp reboot schedules for maintenance

Monitoring user sessions with Desktop Director for XenApp 6.5

XenApp Policies


Creating a XenApp Computer or User policy

Adding filters to a policy

Comparing XenApp policies and templates

Simulating connection scenarios with Citrix policies

Configuring policy priorities and exceptions

Configuring and maintaining XenApp printing

Enabling shadowing

Assigning Load Evaluators to servers and applications

Enhancing user experience with HDX

Redirecting the client drives of the user device

Configuring session pre-launch and lingering options

XenApp Troubleshooting


Starting AppCenter more rapidly

Troubleshooting the Protocol Driver error message

Troubleshooting the IMA service

Troubleshooting pass-through authentication with Web Interface

Troubleshooting XenApp policies for Worker Groups

Using HDX Monitor to check user experience

Getting a full desktop instead of the published application

Troubleshooting printer drivers on XenApp servers

Retaining client printer settings in user profile

Mapping client printers does not work when connecting through Web Interface 5.4

Troubleshooting client clipboard issues

Using Citrix Auto Support to troubleshoot a XenApp server

PowerShell and Command-line Tooling


Retrieving the XenApp Farm information with QUERY

Diagnosing the XenApp load balancing rules with LBDIAG

Performing data store maintenance with DSMAINT and DSCHECK

Installing the XenApp 6.5 PowerShell SDK

Replicating printer drivers with PowerShell

Creating Citrix policies with PowerShell

Changing the XenApp product edition with PowerShell

Creating a basic XenApp inventory report with PowerShell

Managing Farm administration roles with PowerShell

Checking the XenApp server load with PowerShell

Monitoring the Citrix License Server with PowerShell

XenApp Infrastructure Best Practices


Administrating XenApp Farms Best Practices

Implementing XenApp Virtualization best practices

Implementing Citrix XenApp recommendations

Optimizing Guide for XenApp 6.5 Computer settings

Optimizing Guide for XenApp 6.5 User settings

Printing recommendations for Citrix XenApp

Configuring Citrix policies Best Practices

Designing User Profile Best Practices for XenApp

Configuring Citrix guidelines for antivirus software

Planning XenApp High Availability

Migrating from Citrix Web Interface to StoreFront Best Practices

Citrix Community


The Citrix Community website

Carl Webster – XenApp 6.5 Farm documentation scripts

Michel Stevelmans – Farm Nanny

Dane Young – Citrix Chained Reboot script

Jason Poyner – XA6.5 Farm Health Check script

Andrew Morgan – ThinKiosk

Helge Klein – Delprof2, a User Profile Deletion Tool

Smart-X – ControlUp Basic Edition