PacktLib: Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 Cookbook for Experts

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 Cookbook for Experts


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Special Capabilities of the Enterprise Edition


Customizing user permissions

Creating highly-customized reports with ODBC

Using the Employee Organizer

Customizing the Interface


Customizing the icon bar

Customizing the home page

Customizing QuickBooks windows

Shortening the data entry process for customer payments



Setting up items for different purposes

Using group items

Configuring items for fund accounting

Configuring inventory assembly items

Creating standard item-based reports

Creating customized item-based reports

Special Tools


Using the History button

Running the Transaction Journal report

Producing a single-transaction audit trail

Extracting customer and vendor histories

Distinguishing between the the Search and Find tools

Customizing Reports


Creating an "Unearned income by customer" report

Creating an "Accrued interest payable by lender" report

Creating an "Uncleared transactions" report

Capturing unbilled items simultaneously

Memorizing reports

Sharing reports

Preparing a custom Profit & Loss report with the QuickBooks Statement Writer

Memorized Transactions


Memorizing transactions for automatic entry

Memorizing transactions for assisted entry

Editing a memorized transaction

Configuring reminders for memorized transactions

Grouping memorized transactions

Customer and Vendor Relations


Creating and transmitting custom batch letters

Customizing invoices, purchase orders, and other documents

Using the Collections Center

Applying customer credit limits

Creating and utilizing custom fields



Clearing stale undeposited funds

Adjusting cash basis receivables or payables balances

Writing off stale receivables

Writing off stale payables

Balancing the balance sheet

Classifying unclassified transactions

Reclassifying Opening Balance Equity transactions

Classifying uncategorized income or expenses

Resolving opening balance discrepancies in bank reconciliations

Keyboard Shortcuts


Using the Ctrl key shortcuts with lists

Using the Ctrl key shortcuts with transactions

Using the Alt key shortcuts

Using date shortcuts

Using other shortcut techniques

Integration with Excel


Combining reports from multiple entities

Setting up reports for optimal exporting

Updating exported reports

Using Excel to edit lists hyperefficiently

Supervisory Tools


Using memorized reports for supervisory activities

Creating customized item-based reports to detect errors

Detecting errors with standard reports

Using the Attached Documents feature to spot-check transactions

Using the Audit Trail feature to gather supervisory intelligence

New for the 12.0 Edition


Refreshing Excel reports

Using the Advanced Inventory features

Making a period copy

Using Find & Select during data entry