PacktLib: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide



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Planning and Key Concepts – What Not to Forget

Identifying DR scenarios within SharePoint and its associated technology stack

Why disasters happen and what you can do to prevent them?

Success or failure

Inheriting a mission critical environment that has no DR plans

Disaster Recovery – cost versus speed

Thinking of interruptions and not disasters

Four major datacenter outages in 2012 that we can learn from

What is virtualization and how does it help with DR?

Supporting mixed environments more efficiently with virtualized disaster recovery

Building confidence and refining DR plans with frequent testing


Creating, Testing, and Maintaining the DR Plan

Getting started

Identifying the components of your SharePoint environment

Identifying threats to your SharePoint environment

Creating an effective DR plan

Testing your DR plan

Maintaining your DR plan

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Physical Backup and Restore Procedures

Windows Server 2012

System database backup and restore

Non-SharePoint database backup and restore

Point in time backup and restore

Advanced backup techniques

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Virtual Environment Backup and Restore Procedures

Virtual environments


Central Administration and Other Native Backup and Restore Options

Farm backup and restore

Farm configuration backup and restore

Web application backup and restore

Service application backup and restore

Content database backup and restore

Customizations backup and restore

Site collection backup and restore

Apps backup and restore

Sites, lists, and libraries – backup and restore


Working with Data Sizing and Data Structure

Understanding data sizing architectural choices for DR

DR impact of design decisions

Getting a handle on a farm

Managing growth

Architecting data in SharePoint with DR in mind

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Disaster Recovery with Custom Development

The basics

The 3 Cs of SharePoint Development

Accounting for things

Change Management and SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 App Development Model


Disaster Recovery Techniques for End Users

Why is end user DR training often forgotten?

Useful end user DR practices

Managing end user expectations



In the Clouds

DR – on-premise versus cloud

DR – cloud versus cloud-native

Common concerns regarding cloud DR

Cloud responsibility

General approaches to cloud DR

Amazon Web Services and HA/DR

Windows Azure and HA/DR


Where to Start

How to get my organization moving in the right direction

How to sell DR to senior management

I feel the SharePoint end users don't care about SharePoint DR. Is this true?

I have written the DR plan but will it work?

What are the key skills that are required for a DR plan to work?

How do you write up the perfect DR documentation?

Can this whole process be outsourced to an external party?

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