PacktLib: Oracle APEX 4.2 Reporting

Oracle APEX 4.2 Reporting


About the Author

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Know Your Horse Before You Ride It

What is really new in the new avatar of APEX?

APEX configurations

Installing APEX engine and Listener

Creating APEX workspace

Understanding the APEX URL

Decoding the APEX page submissions

APEX behind the scenes

Other web interfaces

A pessimist's view of APEX


Conventional Reporting in APEX

Creating database objects and installing the reference application

Implementing external table authentication

Displaying environment properties using the USERENV namespace

Displaying the CGI environment variables

Implementing a classic report search functionality

Enabling sorting and CSV download

Implementing group reports

Additional methods of formatting

Implementing a matrix report

Data highlighting using Dynamic Actions and jQuery

Advanced formatting using APEX templates

Understanding dynamic query region in APEX

Implementing hierarchical reports

Understanding methods to upload files in APEX

Understanding download methods

Implementing soft deletion with AJAX and APEX templates

DML operations and report filtering using DA, JavaScript, and page processes

Implementing a tabular form

Implementing a master detail report and displaying complex types

Implementing time series reports

Implementing data-level security


In the APEX Mansion – Interactive Reports

About the reference application

Important features of the interactive report

Other configurable attributes of an IR

Using Dynamic Actions (DA) to add custom functions in the Actions menu

Using CSS in IR

Understanding the process of any customizations in IR

Using APEX views to create a classic report on saved IRs

Creating multiple IR on the same page

Authorizing user groups to view report columns

Creating Interactive Report Dashboard

Understanding Dynamic Interactive Reports


The Fairy Tale Begins – Advanced Reporting

About the reference application for this chapter

Using LDAP authentication

Creating sparkline reports

Creating a report with slider

Creating HTML charts

Creating Google visualization charts

Creating Flash charts

Creating a calendar

Creating a report with images

Creating a dialog box

Creating a context menu

Creating a wizard and using hierarchical queries and regular expressions


Flight to Space Station: Advanced APEX

Creating HTML image maps

Creating PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP)

Understanding and using loadjava utility

Creating funnel charts using FusionCharts

Creating tag cloud

Creating plugins

Creating websheet application

Configuring the mail

Downloading APEX application without web server

Understanding Oracle OLAP cubes

Understanding Oracle's advanced queuing

Understanding other APEX features

Understanding background jobs in APEX

Knowing about important functions from the API


Using PL/SQL Reporting Packages, Jasper, and Eclipse BIRT

APEX reporting using PL/PDF and PL_FPDF

Process to create RTF, XLS, CSV, and HTML documents

APEX reporting using fop and Cocoon

Creating Jasper reports

Creating reports using Eclipse BIRT and integrating with APEX


Integrating APEX with OBIEE

Understanding Oracle fusion management architecture

Understanding OBIEE

Integrating OBIEE with APEX

Understanding BI Publisher

Integrating BI Publisher with APEX


All About Web Services and Integrations

Understanding reports on web services and collections

Understanding and implementing BPEL

Integration with SAP crystal reports

Migrating from MS Access to APEX

Migrating from Oracle Forms and Reports

Integration with Google API

Integration with Oracle R Enterprise


Performance Analysis

Tuning pointers for development

Discussions on HTML, JavaScript, and client-side tools

Discussions on database tools for performance tuning