PacktLib: Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Core Development and Extension Cookbook

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Core Development and Extension Cookbook


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Creating Concurrent Programs


Defining a concurrent program

Making a concurrent program available to a user

Adding a concurrent program parameter

Creating a value set

Creating dependent parameters

Adding messages to the concurrent program log file

Reporting to the concurrent program output file

Scheduling a concurrent program

Creating multiple concurrent programs

Creating request sets

Installing the database objects

Creating a HOST concurrent program

Oracle Forms


Using forms builder for E-Business Suite

Installing the database objects

Getting started with forms

Creating a master block and container objects

Modifying the template code

Adding a detail block to a form

Adding insert, update, and delete events

Deploying forms

Adding buttons, list, and checkbox items

Adding a query screen to a form

Passing parameters to a form

Advanced Oracle Forms


Installing the database objects

Using messages from the message dictionary

Creating tabs within a form

Creating program units

Adding lookups, date fields, and lists

Controlling menu items

Creating pop-up menu items

Adding flexfields to forms

Creating triggers for flexfield events

Adding a zoom using the CUSTOM library

Adding a spreadtable to a form

Capturing events for a spreadtable

Forms Personalization


Opening the personalization screen

Installing the database objects

Changing properties

Adding a menu item to a form

Performing a simple validation and displaying a message

Launching a form

Adding a toolbar icon to a form

Performing complex validation

Altering an LOV's record group



Introducing Workflow Builder

Installing the database objects

Creating an advanced queue

Building a workflow

Creating a business event

Viewing a workflow status and monitoring progress

Adding a function

Creating a lookup

Creating a subprocess

Creating messages

Sending notifications and processing responses

Calling an API



Setting the environment variables

Starting and stopping an environment

Creating a custom schema

Extracting data using FNDLOAD

Uploading using FNDLOAD

Using a script for FNDLOAD

Using a script for migrating objects