PacktLib: Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide

Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide


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Getting Started with Oracle ADF

Introduction to Oracle ADF

Why Oracle ADF?

Oracle ADF architecture

Comparing the Fusion web application technology stack to the Java EE web application

Developing with ADF

Your first Fusion web application


Introduction to ADF Business Components

Business service layer

Overview of ADF Business Components

Building a simple business service

Oracle ADF Model Tester

Using the ADF Model Tester to test the CRUD operations on business data

Java test client for ADF Business Components

Understanding the runtime behavior of ADF Business Components


Introducing Entity Object


Ingredients of an entity object

Core features of ADF entity objects

Developing entity objects

Working with entity objects


Introducing View Object


Concepts and architecture

Core features of ADF view objects

Developing view objects

Working with view objects


Advanced Concepts on Entity Objects and View Objects

Taking a closer look at entity objects

Taking a closer look at view objects

Advanced data type techniques

Building business components dynamically


Introducing the Application Module


Concepts and architecture

The core features of an application module

Defining an application module

Sharing of application module data

Nesting application modules

Working with an application module


Binding Business Services with the User Interface


Binding model data with user interfaces

Building a simple data bound web page

Is a view object really a data collection?

What happens when we drop a data collection on a page?

Browsing through the page definition file

What happens when you access a Fusion web page?

Invoking an application module from a Java servlet

Adding custom phase listeners


Building Data Bound Web User Interfaces


The art of laying out pages

Adding actions to your page

Building data bound table UIs

Building data bound master-detail UIs

Building a data bound tree table UI

Accessing web tier values from business components

Building data bound query search forms

Building a data bound multi select list

Overriding UI hints in a view object


Controlling the Page Navigation


The navigation model in the JSF framework

The navigation model in ADF

The ingredients of an ADF task flow

Building an unbounded task flow

Adding an exception handler

Using method call activity to initialize a page

Building a menu model


Taking a Closer Look at the Bounded Task Flow


The properties of a bounded task flow

Building a bounded task flow

Working with bounded task flow activities

Parameterizing a bounded task flow

Consuming bounded task flows as ADF regions

Lazy loading of an ADF region

Refreshing an ADF region

Displaying task flows using a pop up component

Using a contextual event for communicating to an ADF region

Dynamically adding multiple regions to a page

Distributing ADF task flow as the ADF library

Using a train component in a bounded task flow

Transaction management in a bounded task flow

The life span of a bounded task flow


More on Validations and Error Handling


Adding validation rules in a fusion web application

Displaying validation exceptions on a page

Where in the page lifecycle does validation occur?

Error handling in ADF

Programmatically throwing validation exceptions in business components

Customizing default business component error messages

Skipping validation


Oracle ADF Best Practices


Setting up the project structure for your Fusion web application

The life span of ADF Business Components

The best practices and performance tuning for Oracle ADF

Internationalization of Fusion web applications

Ensuring high availability for Fusion web applications