PacktLib: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010: Expert Cookbook


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Lists and Event Receivers


Validating data when an item is added to a list

Adding a custom error message to the Event Receiver

Adding an Application Page to an Event Receiver

Working with List Event Receiver

Deploying Event Receivers

Creating a Feature Receiver

Debugging a Feature Receiver

Debugging Feature Installed Events



Creating a sequential workflow

Creating a site workflow with an initiation form

Deploying an InfoPath form with the workflow

Creating a task from the workflow

Creating a custom task form

Advanced Workflows


Creating a custom activity

Creating a custom activity for a sandboxed solution

Creating a state machine workflow

Adding a custom workflow status

Creating a pluggable workflow service

List Definitions and Content Types


Creating a site column

Extending an existing content type

Creating custom content type using an object model

Associating a document template with the content type

Associating a workflow to a content type

Creating an external content type

Creating a list definition

Web Parts


Creating a visual web part

Creating a code-only web part (sandboxed solution)

Creating AJAX enabled web parts

Adding configuration properties to web parts

Creating connectable web parts

Creating a Silverlight web part

Web Services and REST


Getting data through REST

Filtering list data

Fiddling with Fiddler

Creating a REST consumer

Inserting new contacts through REST

Creating a custom SharePoint WCF service

Working with Client Object Model


Creating a list using a Managed OM

Handling exceptions

Calling Object Model asynchronously

Using JavaScript Object Model

Using a Silverlight Object Model