PacktLib: Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide

Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide


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Taking a Deep Dive into App-V

What's new in App-V 4.6 SP1?

App-V components and architecture

App-V deployment possibilities

Understanding the App-V client and publishing interaction


Sequencing in Complex Environments

Overview of complex sequencing

Reviewing complex applications

Handling App-V Sequencer exclusions

Using workarounds for applications with drivers

Handling the virtual environment

Using Dynamic Suite Composition

Upgrading/editing an existing application

Creating and handling package accelerators


Deploying Applications in Complex Environments

Configuring and using HTTP publishing and streaming

Configuring and using the standalone mode

Configuring SSL communications

Using Providers Policies in App-V


Handling Scripting and App-V Command Lines

What we can do with App-V scripting

Using App-V command lines

Reviewing possibilities using PowerShell


Troubleshooting App-V

Troubleshooting App-V implementations

Troubleshooting applications delivery

Troubleshooting application sequencing/launching


Scaling Up App-V Implementations

Reviewing general guidelines for the right design

Reviewing fault tolerance possibilities in App-V

Implementing Network Load Balancing in App-V

Implementing database mirroring for the App-V data store

Implementing Distributed File System

Extending App-V implementations


Integrating App-V with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Integrating App-V with VDI

Reviewing alternatives in App-V plus RDS integration


Integrating App-V with System Center Configuration Manager 2012

SCCM 2012

Reviewing SCCM and App-V integration

Implementing SCCM and App-V integration


Integrating Server App-V with Private Clouds

Server App-V

Understanding the SCVMM and the Private Cloud concept

Installing and configuring SCVMM 2012

Sequencing applications with Server App-V

Deploying Server App-V applications


Reviewing App-V Microsoft and Third-party Tools

Reviewing App-V Microsoft and Third-party Tools

Reviewing App-V Microsoft and Third-party Tools

Reviewing App-V Microsoft and Third-party Tools