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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Dashboards Cookbook


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Viewing Dashboards


Creating a free Dynamics CRM 2011 Online account

Finding and selecting dashboards

Expanding and collapsing dashboard sections

Changing your default CRM 2011 Dashboard

Making Dashboards your CRM 2011 homepage

Interacting with Dashboards


Enlarging a chart to full screen

Using the tooltips on a chart

Refreshing dashboard data

Drilling down into a chart

Working with inline charts and filtered records

Searching for records in a list

Sorting records in a list

Filtering records in a list

Changing the view for a dashboard list

Creating a Dashboard


Creating a user dashboard

Creating a system dashboard

Changing the layout of your dashboard

Adding a chart to your dashboard

Editing a chart on your dashboard

Adding a list to a dashboard

Editing a list on a dashboard

Sharing and Assigning Dashboards


Locating the user dashboards

Sharing a user dashboard

Assigning a user dashboard

Copying an existing dashboard

Editing and Deleting Dashboards


Editing a user dashboard

Editing a system dashboard

Deleting a user dashboard

Deleting a system dashboard

Adding IFrames and WebResources to Dashboards


Adding an IFrame to a dashboard

Editing an IFrame component

Creating an HTML WebResource component

Adding a WebResource to a dashboard

Editing a WebResource component

Advanced Dashboards


Exporting a dashboard from Dynamics CRM

Creating a new dashboard layout using FormXML

Importing a dashboard into Dynamics CRM

Building a CRM Organization Overview dashboard

Installing the free Dashboard Reports control

Showing reports on a Dynamics CRM dashboard

Creating a Chart


Creating a system chart

Creating a user chart

Creating a stacked comparison chart

Creating a multi-series chart

Advanced Chart XML


Exporting a chart

Importing a chart

Changing Axis labels and Series label formats

Controlling chart colors and 3D appearance

Using FetchXML to combine data in a chart

Dashboard Examples

Dashboard Examples

Dashboard Examples