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VMware vSphere 5.1 Cookbook


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Upgrading to vSphere 5.1


Carrying out pre-upgrade checks before performing a vCenter upgrade

Performing an in-place upgrade of vCenter Server

Creating a table space for SSO on a SQL instance

Creating DB users for the SSO database

Upgrading a 32-bit vCenter Server to vCenter 5.1

Upgrading to ESXi 5.1

Installing vSphere Web Client

Upgrading VMware Tools

Upgrading the virtual machine hardware

Performing a Fresh Installation of vSphere 5.1


Installing vCenter 5.1

Deploying a VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA)

Preparing vCenter Server Appliance for first use

Installing the vCenter Server Appliance update

Upgrading a vCenter Server Appliance

Installing ESXi 5.1

Performing a scripted install of the ESXi server

vSphere Auto Deploy


Installing the Auto Deploy server

Configuring a TFTP server with Auto Deploy files

Configuring the DHCP server for PXE boot

Testing the PXE boot configuration

Preparing VMware PowerCLI for first use

Downloading an ESXi Offline Bundle

Adding the Offline Bundle to the Auto Deploy server

Choosing an ESXi Image to deploy

Creating a Host Profile

Creating a deploy rule

Activating a deploy rule

Testing Auto Deploy

Enabling Stateless Caching

Performing an Auto Deploy stateful install

ESXi Image Builder


Creating an Image Profile by cloning an existing one

Removing an Image Profile

Adding a VIB (software package) to an Image Profile

Exporting an Image Profile as an ISO or Offline Bundle

Creating an Image Profile from scratch

Applying an Image Profile to the host

Creating and Managing VMFS Datastores


Viewing the LUNs presented to an ESXi host

Viewing the datastores seen by the ESXi host

Viewing the multipathing information of a LUN

Creating a VMFS datastore

Expanding/growing a VMFS datastore

Extending a VMFS datastore

Unmounting a VMFS datastore

Mounting a VMFS datastore

Deleting a VMFS datastore

Upgrading VMFS-3 to VMFS-5

Mounting VMFS on a snapshot LUN

Resignaturing VMFS on a snapshot LUN

Masking paths to a LUN

Unmasking paths to a LUN

Creating a datastore cluster

Enabling Storage DRS

Managing iSCSI and NFS Storage


Adding the software iSCSI adapter

Creating a new VMkernel interface for iSCSI or NFS

Preparing the vSphere network for iSCSI multipathing

Binding VMkernel interfaces to the software iSCSI adapter

Adding an iSCSI target server to the software iSCSI adapter

Creating an NFS datastore

Profile-driven Storage and Storage I/O Control


Adding a storage provider

Creating user-defined storage capabilities

Mapping user-defined storage capabilities to datastores

Creating a VM storage profile and enabling it

Assigning storage profiles to virtual machine disks and checking compliance

Enabling Storage I/O Control (SIOC)

Modifying disk shares on a VM

Configuring the vSphere Network


Creating a vSphere Standard Switch

Deleting a vSphere Standard Switch

Creating a VMkernel interface on a vSphere Standard Switch

Deleting a port group

Adding an uplink to a vSphere Standard Switch

Creating a vSphere Distributed Switch

Creating a distributed port group

Adding hosts to a vSphere Distributed Switch

Mapping a physical adapter (vmnic) to a dvUplink

Migrating virtual machine network from vSphere Standard Switch to vSphere Distributed Switch

Migrating management and VMkernel interfaces between vSphere Standard and Distributed Switches

Creating a VMkernel interface on a vSphere Distributed Switch

Exporting the vSphere Distributed Switch configuration

Restoring the vSphere Distributed Switch configuration

Importing a vSphere Distributed Switch into the datacenter from a backup

Enabling port mirroring on a DSwitch

Enabling NetFlow on a DSwitch

Configuring private VLANs (PVLANs) on a DSwitch

Creating and Managing Virtual Machines


Creating a virtual machine

Creating a new hard disk for a virtual machine

Adding an existing hard disk to a virtual machine

Attaching RDM to a virtual machine

Mapping a virtual machine's vNIC to a different port group

Adding a new virtual network adapter to a virtual machine

Creating a virtual machine snapshot

Deleting a virtual machine snapshot

Reverting to a current virtual machine snapshot

Going to a virtual machine snapshot

Consolidating snapshots

Exporting a virtual machine

Configuring vSphere HA


Enabling vSphere HA on a cluster

Setting host isolation response for an HA cluster

Setting VM restart priority for an HA cluster

Configuring VM monitoring

Configuring datastore heartbeating

Disabling host monitoring

Configuring vSphere HA admission control

Configuring a VM to override host monitoring and VM monitoring settings

Configuring vSphere DRS, DPM, and VMware EVC


Enabling vSphere DRS on a cluster

Choosing a DRS automation level

Overriding the cluster automation level for a VM

Setting a migration threshold

Creating host and VM DRS groups

Creating virtual machines to host affinity rules

Creating "Inter-VM" affinity/anti-affinity rules

Configuring vSphere Distributed Power Management (DPM)

Enabling power management on a per-host level

Configuring VMware EVC (Enhanced vMotion Compatibility)

Upgrading and Patching using vSphere Update Manager


Preparing a database for vSphere Update Manager

Installing vSphere Update Manager

Installing the vSphere Update Manager plugin

Adding a download source

Creating a baseline

Importing ESXi Images

Creating a host baseline group

Creating a VM and VA baseline group

Remediating a host or a cluster

Remediating a VM or a VA

Staging patches

Installing the Update Manager Download Service (UMDS)

Configuring UMDS and downloading data

Creating a shared repository

Using a shared repository

Using vSphere Management Assistant (vMA 5.1)


Deploying the vMA appliance

Preparing vMA for first use

Configuring vMA to join an existing domain

Adding vCenter to vMA with AD authentication

Adding vCenter to vMA with fastpass (fpauth) authentication

Adding an ESXi host to vMA

Reconfiguring an added target server

Running CLI command on target servers