PacktLib: OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I: A Real World Certification Guide ( 1ZO-051 )

OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I: A Real-World Certification Guide


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SQL and Relational Databases

Relational Database Management Systems

Structured Query Language

Working with SQL

An introduction to Oracle SQL Developer


Test your knowledge

SQL SELECT Statements

The purpose and syntax of SQL

Retrieving data with SELECT statements

Displaying the structure of a table using DESCRIBE

Using aliases to format output of SELECT statements

Using arithmetic operators with SELECT

Using DISTINCT to display unique values

Concatenating values in SELECT statements


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Using Conditional Statements

Implementing selectivity using the WHERE clause

Using conditions in WHERE clauses

Examining conditions with multiple values

Sorting data


Certification objectives covered

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Data Manipulation with DML

Persistent storage and the CRUD model

Creating data with INSERT

Modifying data with UPDATE

Removing data with DELETE

Transaction control

Recognizing errors


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Combining Data from Multiple Tables

Understanding the principles of joining tables

Using ANSI standard joins

Understanding Oracle join syntax


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Row Level Data Transformation

Understanding functions and their use

Understanding String functions

Handling DATE functions

Using arithmetic functions

Examining functions that execute conditional retrieval


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Aggregate Data Transformation

Understanding multi-row functions

Grouping data

Putting it all together

Certification objectives covered


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Combining Queries

Understanding the principles of subqueries

Examining different types of subqueries

Investigating further rules for subqueries

Using set operators within SQL


Certification objectives covered

Test your knowledge

Creating Tables

Introducing Data Definition Language

Using database constraints

Extending the Companylink Data Model


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Creating Other Database Objects

Using indexes to increase performance

Working with views

Using sequences

Object naming using synonyms


Test your knowledge

SQL in Application Development

Using SQL with other languages

Understanding the Oracle optimizer

Advanced SQL statements

Exam preparation


Practice test paper

Companylink Table Reference

Companylink Table Reference

Getting Started with APEX

Getting Started with APEX