PacktLib: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints


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Building an Effective Intranet

Preparing the Intranet site

Creating a Weather Web Part

System status and notification features

Building an Appropriate Use and Incident dialog

Building an Employee Corner Web Part

Building a Stock Ticker Web Part

Content rollups


Building an Out of Office Delegation Solution

User profile properties

Master Delegation Tracking List

Check out of office workflow activity

Creating a Task Delegation Web Part

Creating custom application pages


Building an Enterprise Content Management Solution

Defining content containers

Defining and managing content types

Document routing

Optimizing Search

Creating a content aggregation Web Part

DocVault Listings Web Part

Enhancing the Document ID redirect


Building an Engaging Community Site

Creating the Community Site

Community members

Configuring social web parts

Configuring Rollup Web Parts

Creating an Enterprise Wiki


Building a Site Request and Provisioning System


Creating the list

Creating the project

Creating the SiteRequest form

Defining the RequestSiteAction menu item

Creating timer jobs


Building a Project Site Template


Template options

Building the Project Site Template


Building a Project Management Main Site

Content aggregation options

Building a project listing and a status Web Part

Building a site metrics gathering process

Configuring a project manager listing

Additional content ideas


Building a Task Rollup Solution

Task rollup options

MyTasks Search Web Part

MyTasks Web Part


Building a Site Directory with SharePoint Search

Site Directory options

How to leverage search

Defining the Site Directory Search Scope

Site Directory page

Related sites Web Part