PacktLib: Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Financials Cookbook

Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Financials Cookbook


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Creating Items in Inventory


Creating Items

Exploring Item attributes

Creating Item templates

Exploring Item controls

Adjusting Items in Inventory

Classifying Items

Purchasing Items in Procurement


Raising requisitions for Items

Approving requisitions

Creating suppliers

Creating purchase orders

Receiving Items

Reviewing procurement accounting transactions

Paying Supplier Invoices in Payables

Entering invoices

Entering a prepayment

Entering credit memos

Applying holds to an invoice

Canceling an invoice

Paying invoices

Creating a payment process template

Voiding a payment

Reviewing payables accounting transactions

Managing Assets


Adding assets

Adjusting assets

Depreciating assets

Retiring assets

Reviewing asset accounting

Selling Items to Customers in Order Management


Creating customers

Entering sales orders

Adding Items to price list

Reviewing Order Management workflow

Creating Drop Ship orders

Creating Back-to-Back orders

Creating a return

Applying holds

Releasing orders

Shipping orders

Creating invoices

Receiving Funds in Receivables


Creating an invoice

Adjusting invoices

Entering receipts

Managing debt

Reviewing Receivables' accounting transactions

Managing Cash


Creating bank accounts

Entering bank statements

Reconciling bank statements

Creating cash forecasting

Reviewing accounting transactions

Defining Transactions for the General Ledger


Defining the chart of accounts

Setting up the ledger

Defining Subledger accounting

Defining E-Business Tax

End of Period Processing


Closing Payables

Closing Purchasing

Closing Receivables

Closing Inventory

Closing the General Ledger