PacktLib: Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0: Quickstart Administration

Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0: Quickstart Administration


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Overview of Cloud Computing

Centralized solution, management, and upgrades

Different levels of cloud computing

Challenges of cloud computing

Bringing all this together for Windows Intune


Introduction to PC Management Concepts

Continuous cycle of PC Management

Definition of IT management goals

Using policies for configuration and deployment

Reactive response to problems

Reporting on IT management


Overview of Windows Intune Features

Why use Windows Intune

Windows Intune solution architecture

Windows Intune feature set


Signing Up for Windows Intune and Installing the Client Software

Preparing for Windows Intune

Signing up to Windows Intune

Installing Windows Intune onto a client PC

Enabling others to manage your PC estate with Windows Intune


Configuring Windows Intune

Adding additional administrators to Windows Intune

Configuring computer groups

Configuring Windows Intune alerts

License management


Configuring Management Policy

Policy management

Update management


Software Deployment

Preparing an application for uploading

Uploading an application

Deploying a package

Managing Non-Microsoft Updates

Removing a package


Tracking and Reporting

Reporting basics

Update reports

Tracking software usage

Tracking hardware

License management

Alerts reporting

Custom reports

Reporting on overall PC management achievements


Monitoring and Responding to Windows Intune Alerts

General Windows Intune alerts

Malware alerts

Remote Assistance alerts


Resolve Problems Using Microsoft DaRT

Downloading MDOP

Installing DaRT

Building a DaRT CD

Using DaRT to resolve issues


Deploying Windows 7 Enterprise Edition

Downloading Windows 7 Enterprise Edition

Checking pre-requisites for Windows 7

Backing up settings for migration

Installing Windows 7 Enterprise Edition

Restoring user settings and installing applications

Updating Windows Intune

Considering tools for scale deployment of Windows 7


Integration with Existing Microsoft Products

Typical computing scenarios

Office 365 and on-premise SharePoint and Exchange

System Center

On-premise Windows Server

Windows Small Business Server

Windows Home Server

On-premise versus cloud solutions summary

Mixing on-premise and cloud solutions

Anti-malware products