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Sage ACT! 2012 Cookbook


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Working with the Welcome Page and Navigation Bar


Using the Welcome Page

Changing the Startup view

Working with the Navbar

Changing the Current view

Customizing the Navbar

Connecting ACT! to other services

Jotting Down your Notes Using Scratchpad


Adding an item to the Scratchpad

Making changes to Scratchpad items

Changing the order of the Scratchpad items

Transferring Scratchpad items to an ACT! database

Marking a Scratchpad item as complete

Printing the Scratchpad list

Using Queries to Find Data


Performing a basic lookup

Looking up by Example

Creating an Annual Event lookup/search

Creating a lookup by Contact Activity

Creating an Advanced Query

Searching on keywords

Using the universal search

Relating Contact Records


Adding the Relationship tab

Adding a Related Contact

Adding multiple Related Contacts

Changing a relationship

Creating´╗┐ a Secondary Contact

Promoting a Secondary Contact

Integrating Contact Information with Websites


Understanding the Web Info tab

Editing an existing web link

Creating a new web link

Deleting a web link

Creating an Internet link

Adding a website link to the History tab

Grouping your Contacts


Creating a Group

Adding Static Members to a Group

Removing Static Members from a Group

Adding Dynamic Members to a Group

Creating a Group from the current Lookup

Using the Group tab of the Contact Detail view

Working with Groups

Working with Companies


Learning about Company views

Creating Companies from the Companies Detail view

Creating a Company from a Contact record

Adding a Division to a Company

Deleting a Company

Linking Contact and Company Records

Adding a Contact to a Company

Working with a Company Record

Linking Company and Contact Fields

Creating a Lookup of Company Contacts

Creating Golden Opportunities


Working with the Opportunity View

Adding processes and stages

Adding products and services

Working with opportunity fields and layouts

Creating an opportunity

Editing an opportunity

Working with the Opportunity List

Creating an Opportunity Graph

Integrating with Microsoft Outlook


Setting up Outlook as your ACT! e-mail client

Sending an Outlook message to a single contact

Sending an Outlook message to multiple contacts

Sending an e-mail to an ACT! contact in Outlook

Linking incoming Outlook e-mail to ACT!

Creating a new ACT! contact from Outlook

Synchronizing your ACT! calendar to Outlook

Synchronizing your ACT! contacts to Outlook

Integrating with Google


Setting up Google and ACT! integration

Synchronizing your ACT! calendar to Google

Synchronizing your ACT! contacts to Google

Setting the Record History options for Google

Setting up automatic integration

Performing Routine Maintenance


Performing routine maintenance

Creating a backup

Restoring a backup

Using the ACT! Scheduler

Applying ACT! updates

Removing old data

Merging duplicate records

Deleting a database

Performing a global edit and replace

Creating an E-marketing Campaign


Adding your E-marketing account

Moving a template to the local library

Editing a local template

Importing an existing HTML template

Sending an E-marketing pieces

Updating ACT! with E-marketing history

Analyzing an E-marketing campaign

Creating a Lookup of your Campaign Results

Creating a survey

Creating a web form

Working Smarter with Smart Tasks


Learning about the existing Smart Tasks

Editing an existing Smart Task

Creating a Smart Task template

Adding a Smart Task step

Changing Smart Task steps

Setting a Smart Task to Auto-Run

Running Smart Tasks manually

Checking the status of a Smart Task