PacktLib: Mastering SQL Queries for SAP Business One

Mastering SQL Queries for SAP Business One


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SQL Query Basic

SAP Business One Query Users and Query Basics

Who can benefit from using SQL Queries in SAP Business One?

SQL query and related terms

Data dictionary

Table links—the key for the right query

Base tables versus target tables

Keeping it simple—The key to build a good query


Query Generator and Query Wizard

Query Generator

Query wizard

What is the difference between Query generator and Query wizard?

Benefitting from built-in system queries


Query Manager and Query Statements

Query manager user interface

Commonly used statements

Some important functions to return values


SQL Query in Action

Query Examples

Why three categories have been chosen

Defining variables for queries

Date function—where the most problems emerge

Orange arrow—an excellent tool for drill down

Getting a subtotal from the query

Query for marketing documents

Query for inventory transactions

Query for financial transactions

User query for alert

Miscellaneous query examples


Securities and Approvals

How to handle securities for query usage

How to use query for approval procedures

Examples of user queries for approval


SQL Query for Formatted Search (FMS)

Formatted Search and User-Defined Values

How to work with User-Defined Values

A typical FMS query application: auto code creation

General FMS query examples


SQL Query for Reporting Tools

Query Print Layout Designer (QPLD) and its usage

Direct query for Crystal Reports (Command)


SQL Query for a Stored Procedure

Why Stored Procedure is included in this book

SBO_SP_TransactionNotification overview

How to work with SBO_SP_TransactionNotification

Some example queries for this SP


More Complicated SQL Query Topics

The Case expression usage

Working with a subquery

Using PIVOT to simplify a cross tab style queries

Database query for Excel

Avoiding pitfalls while building queries