PacktLib: Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g R1: Business Service Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11gR1: Business Service Management


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Business Service Management: An Overview

Complexity in data centers


Information Technology Infrastructure Library guidelines


Modeling IT Infrastructure Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1

Oracle Enterprise Manager concepts

Flavors of Oracle Enterprise Manager

OEM Grid Control 11gR1 architecture

Target modeling

Composite targets

Product and management focus areas in OEM 11gR1


Modeling Groups and Systems

Groups modeling with OEM Grid Control

Systems modeling with OEM Grid Control


Modeling Services

Service modeling with OEM Grid Control

Service targets supported in OEM Grid Control

Creating services based on a system target

Creating services Using command-line scripts

Monitoring services

Editing services

Root cause analysis


Service Modeling Using Synthetic Transactions

Active monitoring with OEM Grid Control

Creating services based on service tests

Creating services based on command-line scripts

Prominent service test types

Advanced service test type: Web transaction

Monitoring services based on service tests

Monitoring beacon Targets


Modeling Service Metrics

Metric collection using OEM Grid Control

Service target metrics

Metric promotion for service targets

Service metric creation using OEM Grid Control console

Service metric creation using command line

Editing service target metrics

Monitoring service metrics

Diagnosing metric promotion issues


Service-Level Management

Service-level agreements

Service-level management

Service-level management in OEM Grid Control

Defining service-levels in OEM Grid Control

M´╗┐onitoring service-levels using OEM Grid Control


Modeling Composite Business Services

Introduction to composite business services

Aggregate service targets in OEM Grid Control

Creating aggregate service targets

Editing aggregate service targets

Monitoring aggregate service targets

Dia´╗┐gnostics using Root Cause Analysis


Real-Time Business Service Monitoring

Real-time monitoring in OEM Grid Control

Group and system monitoring dashboards

Services monitoring dashboards

Custom services monitoring dashboards

Service Level and Monitoring widget


Business Service Management at your Data Center

Modeling IT infrastructure

Modeling business services

Modeling service hierarchy

Monitoring business services

Lifecycle management

Final words