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IBM Cognos TM1 Cookbook


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Getting Started with TM1

Online Analytic Processing (OLAP)

OLAP data structures terminology

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) versus OLTP (Online Transactional)

Introduction to TM1

Examine TM1 user roles

TM1 architecture

Installing TM1 server and clients on a machine

Creating a new TM1 Data Server

Connecting to an existing TM1 Server

Setting up TM1 Data Server to run as a Windows service


Creating dimensions in TM1


Creating dimensions manually

Creating a Months dimension

Adding additional levels in Months dimension

Adding Next and Previous attributes to the Months dimension

Creating dimensions using the Turbo Integrator

Execution of scripts for a TM1 process

Building Cubes and Views


Creating a static pick list

Creating the Sales_Plan cube

Creating a subset pick list

Loading and Maintaining Data


Loading data using Turbo Integrator processes

Using formulae in variables

Clearing data from a cube using a process

Accumulating data

Saving data

Adding Business Rules


Creating simple rules

Using a rule to override aggregation

Creating a rule to share data between cubes

Creating a pick list using a rule

Reviewing a Rules worksheet

Doing custom calculations in dimensional hierarchies

Automating Data Load Processes using Scripts


Loading data from multiple columns into a single column

Creating a dimension and a subset in Turbo Integrator

Creating a dimension with uneven/unbalanced hierarchy

Exporting data to ASCII text using Turbo Integrator

Moving data between versions

Moving data using scripts and parameters

Creating and scheduling a chore

Customizing Drill Paths


Creating a drill-through path to a view in another cube

Creating a drill path to an ODBC source

Using Rules for Advanced Modelling


Creating the Expenses cube

Examining a Spread Profile cube, Lookup cube, and Virtual cube

Moving balances from last month to next month

Converting Currencies


Creating currency dimension and attributes

Creating a currency cube

Populating currency attributes using control cubes

Creating rules to apply exchange rates and calculate an equivalent amount in target currency

Modelling for Different Fiscal Requirements


Adding a year dimension

Creating a continuous time model

Optimizing Rules Performance



Troubleshooting rules and feeders

Working with Managed Planning Applications


Installing and configuring IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor components

Installing Apache Tomcat 6.0.18 for IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor

Installing IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor

Deploying IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor on Tomcat Server

Configuring IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor with Microsoft IIS

Running IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor for the first time

Installing IBM CognosTM1 Contributor Administration tool

Contributing data to managed planning application

Introducing IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor workflow screen

Navigating the TM1 Contributor workspace

Opening a node and modifying a view

Entering, editing, and distributing data

Reviewing data

Creating and deploying managed planning applications to the Web

Setting security and access rights

Assigning security to managed planning applications

Defining Workflow


Adding users and groups to the TM1 Security

Installing IBM Cognos TM1 Workflow

Adding a new process and task using IBM Cognos TM1 Workflow

Reviewing submitted tasks

Integration with IBM Cognos BI


Integrating IBM Cognos TM1 with IBM Cognos 8 BI