PacktLib: Sage ACT! 2011 Dashboard and Report Cookbook

Sage ACT! 2011 Dashboard and Report Cookbook


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Exploring the ACT! Reports


Using the ACT! Reports menu

Using the Reports view

Running a report from the Report view

Choosing a Report Output Option

Editing Reports in the Reports view

Keeping a list of Favorite reports

Finding the default location of the ACT! Reports

Filtering Data in Reports


Filtering based on a contact field lookup

Filtering Contact reports

Filtering based on a contact activity lookup

Filtering Notes and History in reports

Filtering activities in reports

Filtering Groups reports

Filtering Company reports

Filtering Opportunity reports

Presetting filters for most used option

Creating a Quick Report


Setting preferences for the quick reports

Selecting and organizing the columns for a contact list quick report

Printing the contact list quick report

Printing the History tab quick report

Printing the contact detail view quick report

Exporting the Opportunities List View to Excel

Working with the Report Editor


Converting ACT! 6 custom reports

Choosing a template type and setting defaults

Adding fields to template and basic formatting

Naming field objects and individual field formatting

Positioning fields and labels

Adding a custom field and creating a basic script

Adding sections for sorting and grouping

Using sections for sub-totaling and totaling

Subreports and Scripting Techniques


Formatting a List Type report

Adding subreports to a report

Adding fields to the secondary contacts subreport

Adding fields to the history subreport

Scripting basics by example

Reverse engineering a set of complex scripts

Labels and Envelopes


Editing a standard envelope

Adding a logo to an envelope

Creating a custom envelope

Creating an xx64 label template

Working with the ACT! Dashboards


Getting familiar with the Dashboard layouts

Accessing information from Dashboards

Copying Dashboard information to other products

Printing Dashboards

Making Dashboards the default startup preference

Filtering Dashboards


Filtering the Contacts Dashboards

Filtering the Activity Dashboards

Filtering the Opportunity Dashboards

Filtering the Admin Dashboard

Changing the Dashboard Data

Editing Existing Dashboards


Cloning an existing Dashboard

Changing the Dashboard display type

Changing the Dashboard default filters

Changing the Dashboard headers and footers

Changing the Dashboard legends

Changing the Dashboard totals

Changing the Dashboard scales and limits

Setting a Dashboard target

Modifying the closed sales to date component

Changing the Dashboard data charts

Working with the Dashboard Designer


Creating a new Dashboard

Adding or removing columns and rows

Creating wider components

Adding components to the Dashboard

Adding data charts to the Dashboard

Changing the order of the Dashboard components