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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Cookbook


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Upgrading and Configuring SharePoint 2010


Checking current installation upgradeability

Upgrading MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010

Upgrading with minimal downtime

Visual upgrade

Creating and associating content databases to a specific web application and site collection

Configuring a content database

Creating an Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)

Patching (compatibility boundaries)

Service Applications


Managing a service

Creating the Secure Store

Creating custom security for a service

Creating a custom service application proxy group

Managing service application associations

Setting up Excel Services

Setting up PerformancePoint Services

Setting up Visio Services

Setting up the Managed Metadata Service

Establishing a trust relationship between two farms

Publishing a SharePoint service

Consuming another Farm's Service

Farm Governance


Administering SharePoint Designer

Configuring a Managed account

Creating a new policy for a web application

Configuring Resource Throttling (large lists)

Installing a feature and activating it

Restricting web part access in the farm

Learning timer job management (including server affinity)

Running a timer job on demand

Configuring Sandbox functionality

Site Administration


Migrating a site collection

Provisioning a site via Windows PowerShell

Managing the Term Store

Adding a column with the property of Managed Metadata

Setting up a site collection policy

Configuring a Document Set

Configuring multiple Send To connections

Setting up an enterprise wiki

Monitoring and Reporting


Accessing the SharePoint 2010 logging database

Configuring what gets logged

Editing rule definitions in the health analyzer

Viewing web analytics reports

Troubleshooting with correlation IDs

Enabling the Developer Dashboard



Setting up Search Service

Managing Search Service

Scaling out Search—adding a query component

Scaling out Search—adding a property database

Scaling out Search—adding a crawl database

Adding a host distribution rule

Viewing Search Query/Crawl Reports

Customizing the refinement menu

Security Administration: Users and Groups


Adding a user via PowerShell

Delegating PowerShell permissions

Checking effective permission user interface

Setting Lockdown Mode for publishing sites

Configuring Site Collection audit settings

Accessing security policy reports

Content Management


Configuring advanced routing (Content Organizer)

Routing documents to another site

Configuring content deployment

Adding a Content Type hub

Managing External Content Types

Creating a Term Set

Importing a Term Set

In place Records Management

Social Architecture


Setting up a tag cloud and navigating to the Term Store

Disabling social features for a user

Deleting a note associated with a page

Viewing an Activity feed

Setting up and compiling an audience

Creating a synchronization connection

Changing import/export for user profiles

Adding a user subtype for user profile

Creating a new user profile property

Backup and Restore


Recycle Bin settings in Central Administration

Performing a site collection backup

Exporting sites

Importing sites

Recovering data from an unattached content database

Backing up a farm in Central Administration

Restoring from a backup in Central Administration

Performance Monitoring


Enabling HTTP Request Monitoring and Throttling

Using SQL Profiler

What and how to monitor with Performance Monitor

Implementing Visual Round Trip Analyzer