PacktLib: Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS

Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS


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Setting up an Oracle APEX and Ext JS Environment

Setting up for success

Installing Oracle APEX

Downloading Ext JS

Which web server to use?

Oracle HTTP Server

Embedded PL/SQL Gateway

Oracle APEX listener

Overviewing the production setup

Using Ext JS in a hosted APEX environment

Installing a source code repository

Automating the build process

Setting up a local web server


Getting Acquainted with Ext

Building a sandbox

Cross-browser DOM manipulation with Ext.Element

Defining event handlers

Parameter passing using object notation

Use namespacing to avoid collisions



Building a Ext JS Theme into APEX

Theme basics

Creating a theme

Building a Viewport Page template


Ext Themed Regions, Labels, and Lists

Region templates

Label templates

List templates


Ext Themed Buttons, Popups, Calendars, and Reports

Button templates

Popup List of Values template

Breadcrumb templates

Report templates

Calendar templates

Publishing your theme


Adding Ext Layout Elements

Speed dating with a Date Picker

Resizable text areas

Auto-sizing text areas

Auto-completing text fields

Building tab panels using subregions

Toolbars and menus


Working with Plug-ins and Dynamic Actions

A home for your plug-ins and dynamic actions

Building a better Number Field


Data Stores, AJAX-enabled Plug-ins, and Dynamic Actions

Storing data on the browser client

Building a ComboBox plug-in

Mixing ComboBoxes with Dynamic Actions


Getting Interactive with GridPanels

Components making up a GridPanel

Getting the GridPanel into APEX

GridPanel as a region plug-in

Using the TableGrid


IFrame Tabs, Panels, and Popup Windows

Embedding pages using iFrame panels

IFrame panel plug-in

Modal popup windows

Creating a tabbed document interface


Performance Tuning Your JavaScript

Best practices for JavaScript and CSS

JSBuilder2 installation and usage

Eliminating unused Ext JS library components

Minimizing Application JavaScript