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Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0


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Getting Started with Enterprise Library

Introducing Enterprise Library

Wiring Application Blocks

Functional Application Blocks

Functional Application Block Dependency

System requirements

Installing Enterprise Library


Data Access Application Block

Working of Data Access Application Block

Developing an application

Retrieving records using ExecuteReader

Retrieving records using DataSet

Retrieving a record as an object

Retrieving multiple records as an object collection

Retrieving records as XML

Executing a command using ExecuteNonQuery

Retrieving scalar values

Updating records using DataSet

Working with transactions


Logging Application Block

Developing an application

Exploring design elements


Exception Handling Application Block

Developing an application

Wrapping an exception using Wrap handler

Replacing an exception using Replace handler

Logging an exception using Logging handler

WCF fault contract exception handler

Implementing custom exception handler


Caching Application Block

Developing an application

Reloading expired items

Configuring Isolated Cache Storage Backing Store

Configuring Database Cache Storage

Configuring and encrypting cached data


Validation Application Block

Validation Application Block features

Developing an application

Understanding Validators

Understanding Rule Sets

Understanding ValidatorFactory

Understanding ValidationResults

Validating objects using attributes

Validating values programmatically

Validating objects using self-validation

Validating objects using configuration

Integrating with Windows Forms-based applications

Integrating the Validation block with ASP.NET

Implementing a Custom Validator


Security Application Block

Developing an application

Implementing a custom Authorization Provider


Cryptography Application Block

Developing an application

Working of Hash Provider

Working of symmetric cryptography providers