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Microsoft SQL Azure: Enterprise Application Development


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Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure Services Platform

What is cloud computing?

Why a business would like to move its business applications and data to the cloud

Types of cloud services

How cloud computing is implemented with examples of some major cloud computing vendors

Windows Azure

Getting started with Azure Platform and accessing services


SQL Azure Services

Overview of SQL Azure Services

Accessing SQL Azure Services from the portal

Creating a user database and setting up a firewall

Connecting to SQL Azure from SQL Server Management Studio

Working with SQL Azure from SQL Server Management Studio

Basic administration of the database objects

Basic monitoring of the database


Working with SQL Azure Databases from Visual Studio 2008

SQL Azure architecture

Microsoft data access technologies

The easy way to connect to SQL Azure using ADO.NET 3.5, ODBC, and OLE DB

Application using a SqlConnectionStringBuilder to connect to SQL Azure

Using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) to connect to SQL Azure

Creating database objects using ADO.NET

Creating database objects with SQL Server API


SQL Azure Tools

Microsoft tools

Brand new tools

Third-party tools

SQL Azure and OpenOffice


Populating SQL Azure Databases

Sample databases used in this chapter

Using SQL Server Management Studio with scripts

Using the SQL Server Migration wizard

Migration from MySQL to SQL Azure using SQL Server Migration Assistant 2008 for MySQL

Using SqlBulkCopy


SSIS and SSRS Applications Using SQL Azure

Merging sharded data

Moving a MySQL database to SQL Azure database

Creating a report using SQL Azure as data source

Accessing SQL Azure from Report Builder 3.0


Working with Windows Azure Hosting

Tools needed to develop and host Cloud Service applications

Create and deploy an ASP.NET application

Windows Azure ASP.NET site with forms authentication


Database Applications on Windows Azure Platform Accessing SQL Server Databases

Ground-to-Cloud access

Cloud-to-Cloud access

Cloud-to-Ground access


Synchronizing SQL Azure

Using SQL Azure Data Sync Tool

Synchronizing SQL Azure data with SQL Server Compact

SQL Azure Data Sync Service


Recent Developments

SQL Azure updates

SQL Azure security

Using SQL Azure Firewall API

SQL Azure with MS Access 2010

OpenOffice Access to SQL Azure

Accessing SQL Azure with non-.NET Framework languages

OData Service for SQL Azure

Consuming SQL Azure data with PowerPivot

SQL Azure with WebMatrix

More third-party tools to SQL Azure

Managing SQL Azure databases with the Houston Project (CTP1)

Data Application Component and SQL Azure

SQL Azure with Microsoft LightSwitch