PacktLib: IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino Administration

IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino Administration


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Introduction to Team Collaboration with IBM Lotus Quickr

The evolution of IBM Lotus Quickr

IBM Lotus Quickr delivers Enterprise 2.0

Team collaboration beyond document management

Adopting social collaboration in the Enterprise


IBM Lotus Quickr Services Overview

IBM Lotus Quickr services architectures

IBM Lotus Quickr connectors

Interaction with IBM Lotus Connections

Interaction with Enterprise Content Management products


IBM Lotus Quickr Domino Architecture

Product components

Server architecture

Browser architecture

Desktop connector architecture

Product deployment architectures


Installation of IBM Lotus Quickr

Before you get started

Start with an IBM Lotus Domino server

Setting up an IBM Lotus Domino server

Offline settings for notes.ini

Web page cache settings for notes.ini

Other settings for notes.ini

Client logging notes.ini settings

Server logging settings for notes.ini


Clustering IBM Lotus Quickr

IBM Lotus Quickr clustering concepts

IBM Lotus Quickr cluster installation

IBM Lotus Quickr cluster configuration

IBM Lotus Quickr cluster management


Managing IBM Lotus Quickr Servers

Using the site administration tools

AdminP and Quickr

Managing place members

Using the qptool command


Upgrading and Migrating to IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5

The process of upgrading

Upgrading IBM Lotus Domino

Which version are you running today?

Upgrading the IBM Lotus Domino server

Unlocking the places

Let's talk about DAOS

Version 6.5.1 or 7.0 of QuickPlace

Are offline services enabled?


Managing Places in IBM Lotus Quickr

Creating a place

Place Catalog

Place Statistics

Managing places

Managing PlaceTypes


Customizing IBM Lotus Quickr

You bought it, now brand it

Changing the logo

Creating a place

Customizing your place


IBM Lotus Quickr Connectors

Overview of connectors

Connector deployment

Leveraging policies with the connectors

Implementing desktop single sign-on

Implementing other authentication services


Leveraging IBM Lotus Quickr APIs

Interacting with IBM Lotus Quickr services


Integrating IBM Lotus Quickr with Other IBM Products

Enabling LDAP for integrating applications with IBM Lotus Quickr

Integrating IBM Lotus Sametime with Quickr 8.5

IBM Lotus Connections and Quickr integration

Integration of IBM Lotus Quickr to ECM(IBM Filenet P8 and IBM Content Manager)