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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook


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Personalizing Dynamics GP


Improving visibility by setting Required Fields to bold and red

Getting faster access to data with the Shortcut Bar

Reducing clicks with Startup shortcuts

Personalizing the Home page by selecting the right role

Speeding up access to data with Quick Links

Rearranging Navigation to make it easier

Jumping to the right location with Breadcrumbs

Managing personal reports with My Reports

Viewing open items with the Task List

Visualizing information with Home page Metrics

Accessing accounts faster with Favorites in Lookups

Cleaning up the mess by fixing AutoComplete errors

Organizing Dynamics GP


Speeding up account entry with Account Aliases

Gaining visibility with Horizontal Scroll Arrows

Streamlining payables processing by prioritizing vendors

Getting clarity with User Defined fields

Developing connections with Internet User Defined fields

Gaining additional reporting control with Account Rollups

Remembering processes with an Ad hoc workflow

Improving financial reporting clarity by splitting purchasing accounts

Speeding up lookups with Advanced Lookups

Going straight to the site with Web Links

Automating Dynamics GP


Using Reminders to remember important events

Controlling reporting dates with Beginning and Ending Periods

Automating reporting with Report Groups

Speeding up entry by copying an Inventory Item

Improving consistency with Shortcuts and User Classes

Speeding up month-end close by Reconciling Bank Accounts daily

Automating processes with Macros

Getting early warnings with Business Alerts

Splitting AP across departments automatically with Control Account Management

Getting control of accruals and deferrals with Recurring GL batches

Speeding up document delivery with e-mail

Harnessing the Power of SmartLists


Sorting data to get the information you want

Speeding up access to information with SmartList Favorites

Getting warnings with SmartList Alerts

Improving information returned with SmartList Search

Controlling data with SmartList Record Limits

Tailoring SmartLists by adding Fields

Controlling access by sharing or restricting SmartList Favorites

Renaming Fields for clarity

Connecting Dynamics GP to Microsoft Office 2010


Getting control of Outlook features on the Home page

Building analyses by Exporting SmartLists to Microsoft Excel

Delivering flexibility by exporting Navigation Lists to Excel

Improving reports by sending SmartLists to Word

Communicating with customers using Letters from Microsoft Word

Skipping the exports by using Prebuilt Excel Reports

Improving performance by globally turning off Outlook integration

Reporting on any Dynamics GP data with direct Excel Connections

Importing data with Microsoft Word and a Dynamics GP Macro

Getting fine grain control of Excel Exports from SmartLists

Gaining flexibility by printing documents with Microsoft Word

Exposing Hidden Features in Dynamics GP


Controlling Posting Dates when not posting by batch

Reducing posting steps with better Printing Control

Improving information with Tax Dates in transactions

Gaining the option to Process Taxes in the General Ledger

Tracking Tangible Personal Property Tax information for Fixed Assets

Understanding all of the financial information about an asset with Fixed Asset Details

Speeding up entry by Copying a Purchase Order

Getting control of printing with Named Printers

Speeding up month-end processing with Reconcile to GL functionality

Improving Dynamics GP with Hacks


Building custom help with Window notes

Using Comments without needing a comment name

Keeping the chart of accounts clean by reactivating Account Segment warnings

Improving clarity by timing Depreciation Posting to the General Ledger

Reducing licensing needs by preventing Multiple Company Logins

Turning on more features with Dex.ini settings

Entering and Tracking Use Tax with Credit Card Functionality

Correcting a lost system password by resetting the System Password

Warning the user if Caps Lock is on during login

Getting greater journal entry control by clearing recurring batch amounts

Preventing Errors in Dynamics GP


Preventing posting errors by managing Batch dates

Reducing out-of-balance problems with Allow Account Entry

Ensuring entry in the correct company by warning about Test Companies

Protecting Dynamics GP with key security settings

Providing clean vendor information by properly closing Purchase Orders

Protecting against information loss by printing Fixed Asset Reports

Preventing account selection errors with Chart Segment names

Ensuring proper year-end closing by checking Posting Types

Preventing sales of Discontinued Inventory

Correcting errors by backing out, correcting, and copying Journal Entries

Maintaining Dynamics GP


Preventing entry of wrong dates by Closing Periods

Improving performance by adjusting AutoComplete settings

Cleaning up Accounts Receivable with Paid Transaction Removal

Providing correct tax information by Updating 1099 information

Maintaining updated code by rolling out Service Packs with Client Updates

Improving stability by Managing Dictionaries

Safeguarding data by Backing Up everything

Resolving errors with the Check Links utility

Validating balances with the Reconcile utility

Troubleshooting issues with a DexSQL log

Speeding security setup with User Copy

Extending Dynamics GP with Free Software


Checking Dynamics GP spelling with Willoware

Preventing date errors with DocDateVerify

Executing SQL from the Support Administrator Console

Extending Dynamics GP with the Support Debugging Tool

Coloring windows by company

Capturing Screenshots and sending an E-mail for support

Logging transactions for troubleshooting

Executing SQL from within Dynamics GP

Getting information about Security Resources