PacktLib: Microsoft Visio 2010 Business Process Diagramming and Validation

Microsoft Visio 2010 Business Process Diagramming and Validation



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Overview of Process Management in Microsoft Visio 2010

What is new in Visio 2010 for Process Management?

Visio Process Management capabilities

The foundations of structured diagrams

Enhanced process flow templates

New process flow templates

Validation of process diagrams

Visio Process Repository

Visio services

What are the Visio 2010 editions?

Planning your own solutions


Understanding the Microsoft Visio Object Model

The Visio Type libraries

But all I need is the object model

Types of Visio document

Which programming language should you use with Visio?

The Drawing Explorer window

The Visio object model

Connectivity API


Understanding the ShapeSheetâ„¢

Where is the ShapeSheet?

Can I print out the ShapeSheet settings?

What is a function?

What are the important sections for rules validation?


Understanding the Validation API

Overview of the Validation objects

The ValidationRuleSets collection

The ValidationRules collection



Developing a Validation API Interface

The architecture of the tool

ThisAddin class

Creating the ViewModel

Modifying the Visio Fluent UI

Creating the Rules Explorer window

Displaying the rule for a selected issue

Displaying the issues for the current selection


Reviewing Validation Rules and Issues

Extensions to our ribbon

Annotating Visio diagrams with issues

Exporting rule sets to XML

Importing rule sets from XML

Creating rule set reports


Creating Validation Rules

Overview of the document validation process

Validation functions

Useful ShapeSheet functions

Filter and Test Expressions

Custom validation rules in code


Publishing Validation Rules and Diagrams

Overview of the Visio categories and templates

Creating a custom template


A Worked Example for Data Flow Model Diagrams

What are Data Flow Diagrams?

Examining the standard template

Writing the rule set

Completing the template