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Learning Highcharts



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Web Charts

A short history of web charting

The uprising of JavaScript and HTML5

JavaScript charts on the market

Why Highcharts?

Highcharts – a quick tutorial


Highcharts Configurations

Configuration structure

Understanding Highcharts layouts

Framing the chart with axes

Revisiting the series configuration

Exploring PlotOptions

Styling the tooltips

Animating charts

Expanding colors with gradients


Line, Area, and Scatter Charts

Introducing line charts

Sketching an area chart

Mixing line and area series

Combining scatter and area series


Bar and Column Charts

Introducing column charts

Introducing bar charts

Constructing a mirror chart

Converting a single bar chart into a horizontal gauge chart

Sticking the charts together


Pie Charts

Understanding the relationship of chart, pie, and series

Plotting simple pie charts – single series

Plotting multiple pies in a chart – multiple series

Preparing a donut chart – multiple series

Building a chart with multiple series types


Gauge, Polar, and Range Charts

Loading gauge, polar, and range charts

Plotting a speedometer gauge chart

Converting a spline chart to a polar/radar chart

Plotting range charts with market index data

Using a radial gradient on a gauge chart


Highcharts APIs

Understanding the Highcharts class model

Using Highcharts APIs


Highcharts Events

Introducing Highcharts events

Portfolio history example

Stocks' growth chart example


Highcharts and jQuery Mobile

A short introduction of jQuery Mobile

Understanding a mobile page structure

Understanding page initialization

Linking between mobile pages

Highcharts in touch screen environments

Integrating Highcharts and jQuery Mobile using an Olympic medals table application

Drilling down for data with the point click event

Building a dynamic content dialog with the point click event

Applying the gesturechange (pinch actions) event to a pie chart


Highcharts and Ext JS

Short introduction to Sencha Ext JS

A quick tour of Ext JS components

The Highcharts extension

A commercially Rich Internet Application with Highcharts – AppQoS


Running Highcharts on the Server Side

Running Highcharts on the server side

Highcharts on the server side

Comparison between the approaches