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GateIn Cookbook


About the Authors

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Getting Started


Installing GateIn from a binary package

Building and installing GateIn from the source code

Configuring the content storage

Configuring GateIn to send e-mails

Running GateIn on your machine

Setting up the development environment

Managing Portal Contents Using the GUI


Managing portals

Managing portal pages

Managing registered portlets

Managing the navigation tree

Managing the dashboard

Managing Portal Contents Using XML


Managing portals using XML

Managing portal pages using XML

Managing registered portlets using XML

Managing the navigation tree using XML

Wrapping it all up in a separate EAR

Managing Portal Users


Managing users

Managing groups

Assigning users to groups

Integrating with an existing LDAP store

Setting an automatic membership after user creation

Adding a custom field in the user profile

Integrating with Web SSO

Integrating with SPNEGO for Desktop SSO

Securing Portal Contents


Securing portals

Securing with JBoss AS

Securing with Tomcat

Choosing the JAAS modules

Creating a login page

Synchronizing users

Securing pages

Securing categories

Securing applications

Securing portlets

Developing Portlets


Creating a portlet with the Portlet 2.0 Specification

Using an action to pass form parameters

Using the user locale to localize portlet content

Communicating between portlets using Public Render Parameters

Communicating between portlets using events

Developing Using Components API


Getting started with WebUI

Creating views

Handling different skins in a portlet

Adding the JavaScript resources to the portlet

Handling different locales in a portlet

Migrating from Existing Portals


Migrating a transactional portlet

Migrating an authenticated portlet

Migrating a portlet that uses JCR

Importing a skin from an existing website

Managing Gadgets


Importing existing gadgets

Removing gadgets

Creating gadgets

Changing the category of a gadget

Resizing gadgets

Making the gadget a portlet

Setting user preferences

Frameworks in a Portal


Creating a JSF 2 portlet

Using jQuery in a portlet

Using portlet events in JSF 2

Creating a RichFaces 4 portlet

Managing Portal Resources with the Management Component


Deploying the CLI to GateIn

Retrieving a managed resource with RESTful Interface

Exporting a portal page with the CLI

Removing a portal page from the navigation

Using the default portal as the foundation for a new portal site

Managing Documents Using External ECM Systems


Creating a portlet to integrate a CMIS repository

Creating a portlet to integrate JBoss ModeShape

Creating a portlet to integrate Apache JackRabbit

Creating a portlet to integrate Alfresco using Spring WebScripts