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Piwik Web Analytics Essentials


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Installation and Setup

Meeting system requirements

Downloading Piwik

Downloading Piwik with SSH

Uploading to a web hosting account

Creating a database for your installation

Using the Piwik installation wizard

Securing Piwik

Backing up Piwik

Updating Piwik

Using Piwik for high traffic websites


Using Piwik's Interface and Reports

Navigating the Piwik interface

Customizing the dashboard

Finding the right report widget for the job

Reading a Piwik report

Customizing graph metrics

Managing e-mail reports


Tracking Visitors with Piwik

Using the Piwik JavaScript tracking code

Functioning of default JavaScript

Triggering page views manually

Customizing page names

Customizing tracking URLs

Configuring Piwik's tracking cookies

Setting up download and outlink tracking

Using other Piwik JavaScript API methods

Using multiple trackers

Using asynchronous tracking


Setting Up and Tracking Goals

Defining goals

Setting up goals in Piwik

Setting up revenue tracking

Triggering conversions manually

Viewing Goals overview reports

Using goal detail reports

Analysing reports


Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Tracking campaigns using URL parameters

Tracking paid searches

Creating campaign URLs the easy way

Tracking social media campaigns

Campaign tagging and tracking tips

Attributing visits to the correct campaign

Customizing campaign parameters

Viewing campaign reports


Tracking Events

Tracking events with Piwik

Tracking social engagement

Tracking e-commerce events

Tracking Flash events

Tracking page load time

Reading custom variable reports

Other uses for custom variables


E-commerce Tracking

Enabling e-commerce tracking for your website

Tracking orders and products purchased

Tracking shopping carts and items in them

Tracking product and category page views

Adding Piwik e-commerce tracking to ZenCart

Reading and using Piwik's e-commerce reports

A note about SSL


Piwik Website and User Administration

Changing your Super User settings

Creating users in Piwik

Managing website access

Managing websites

Turning Piwik into a white label analytics solution

Allowing user sign up with the Piwik Signup plugin


Advanced Tracking and Development

Tracking visitors with image tracking

Tracking visitors with the PHP tracking API

Tracking visitors with other programming languages

Debugging your tracking code

Piwik plugins


Piwik Integration

CMS plugins

Piwik Mobile

Embedding Piwik widgets

Accessing Piwik's data

Creating a change log for your website with analytics feedback


Tracking API Reference

Tracking API Reference

Analytics API Reference

Analytics API Reference