PacktLib: HornetQ Messaging Developer’s Guide

HornetQ Messaging Developer's Guide


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Getting Started with HornetQ

A quick introduction to HornetQ

Introduction to our fictional example

Installation and configuration of the environment

Downloading the software

Installing HornetQ

Installing HornetQ on Linux/Unix/Mac the easy way

Configuring the Eclipse IDE for HornetQ

Coding our first example


Setting Up HornetQ

Which HornetQ version do I need?

What about the cloud?

A word on the operating system

System requirements

Installing the Java Virtual Machine

Installing the HornetQ standalone server

Starting/stopping HornetQ

Compiling from sources

Basic HornetQ configuration

Starting HornetQ as a service in Windows/Linux

HornetQ and JBoss AS 7

Checking your setup/installation


Basic Coding with HornetQ: Creating and Consuming Messages

Installing Eclipse on Windows

Installing NetBeans on Windows

Installing NetBeans on Linux

Post installation

A 10,000 foot view of HornetQ

The HornetQ core API example

Putting everything together

Final considerations

Have you done your math?


Monitoring HornetQ

Managing HornetQ using the core API

JMS management API

Managing clients using JMX


Some More Advanced Features of HornetQ

Managing large messages with HornetQ

Managing undelivered messages

Message priority


Clustering with HornetQ

First cluster with two different nodes

Creating a sharing queue on a HornetQ cluster

Configuring the environment

Coding the clustered queue example


Divert and Filter Messages

A more detailed description

Configuring the servers

Configuring the XML


Controlling Message Flow

What happens when you send or receive a message (for real)

Controlling the producer side


Ensuring Your HornetQ Security

Configuring the HornetQ security

Resuming the example on security and permissions


HornetQ in JBoss Environment

Configuring and installing JBoss

Configuring HornetQ within JBoss

HornetQ and J2EE environment


More on HornetQ Embedding

Embedding the HornetQ server in your application

Using STOMP with HornetQ

Using HornetQ with Spring

Coding our example