PacktLib: Drush User’s Guide

Drush User's Guide


About the Author

About the Reviewer


Installation and Basic Usage


Installation requirements

Installation for Linux and Unix (including Mac)

Installation on Windows

Drush command structure

Telling Drush which site to work with


Executing Drush Commands

Downloading and installing Drupal (site-install)

Configuring a site (variable-set and variable-get)

Working with projects (pm-X and user-X)

Creating users and user roles

Clearing out cached data and image styles (cache-clear and image-flush)

Running cron (core-cron)

Working with a site's database (sql-X commands)

Backing up and restoring entire websites (archive-dump and archive-restore)

Monitoring watchdog messages (watchdog-X)


Customizing Drush

Writing a custom command

Altering and reacting to existing commands

Executing custom PHP scripts

Type less and do more with Drush Site Aliases

Using configuration files

Optimizing the terminal for Drush


Extending Drush

Backing up and migrating sites

Reinstall, inspect modules, and generate data

Working with features

Managing views from the command line

Generating a custom module codebase

Packaging module information in make files