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Drupal 7 Cookbook


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Installing and Configuring Drupal


Installing Drupal

Installing Drupal distributions

Installing modules and themes

Setting up site search

Creating a multi-site Drupal installation

Creating and Publishing Content


Creating a basic page and adding it to the main menu

Installing and configuring a WYSIWYG editor

Editing existing content and adding an image

Adjusting the tabbed settings for content nodes

Configuring comments

Publishing an RSS feed of basic pages

Working with Blocks


Adding a new block

Creating a submenu block

Creating a Superfish menu block

Creating a block with Views

Adding a new block region to a theme

Creating a mega-footer menu

Conditional display of a block

Custom Content Types


Creating a basic content type

Configuring the output of a content type

Applying an image format

Installing more field types

Creating a more advanced content type

Building a custom content importer

Building a forum

Using Views to Create Custom Lists, Grids, and Tables


Creating a news listing view

Creating a dynamic view

Creating a latest news block

Creating a news image grid view

Creating a randomly selected list of images

Creating an archived content block and view

Building complex views using relationships

Adding a text search filter to a view

Using attachments to extend Views' output

Creating Flexible Pages Using Panels


Adding custom text to a page

Adding a block to a page

Adding a dynamic view to a page

Configuring the visibility of the page

Creating a custom page layout using the Layout builder

Working with Media


Creating a simple slideshow carousel

Creating a document content type

Creating a simple document library

Linking documents to a content type

Adding video to a content type

Integrating Web APIs


Integrating with Facebook

Displaying a live Twitter feed

Adding simple PayPal integration to content types

Setting up the Add this social bookmarking service

Adding a Google Map to content

Creating Regular, Mobile, and Tablet Themes


Creating a new theme using Zen

Overriding HTML output of a content type

Creating a "bare-bones" theme from scratch

Using the Mobile tools module

Installing an off-the-shelf mobile and tablet theme

Configuring theme compression and caching

Working with Other Languages


Installing another language using Locale

Managing interface translation using Locale

Enabling content type translation

Displaying a language switching block for end users

Creating a multilingual View

Managing Users


Creating new user accounts

Managing user roles

Setting up a new user notification

Adding a biography field to the user profile

Building a grid view of profile pictures

Running Drupal


System maintenance

Setting up a backup system

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Drupal

Securing a Drupal installation

Configuring Drupal caching

Running commands with the Drush tool