PacktLib: Processing 2: Creative Programming Cookbook

Processing 2: Creative Programming Cookbook


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Getting Started with Processing 2


Installing Processing on your computer

Exploring the Processing Development Environment

Installing libraries

Installing tools

Switching modes

Understanding the coordinate system

Writing your first Processing sketch

Using math functions

Responding to mouse events

Responding to keyboard events

Drawing Text, Curves, and Shapes in 2D


Drawing basic shapes

Working with colors

Working with images

Drawing text

Drawing curves

Calculating points on a curve

Drawing custom shapes

Manipulating SVG files

Offscreen drawing

Drawing in 3D–Lights, Camera, and Action!


Understanding 3D space

Drawing 3D primitives

Using lights

Making polygon soup

Mixing 2D and 3D objects

Drawing triangle and quad strips

Using textures

Using the 3D camera

Working with Data


Loading text files from the hard drive

Parsing CSV

Parsing XML

Converting datatypes

Working with Strings

Working with arrays

Working with ArrayLists

Working with HashMaps

Exporting from Processing


Saving images

Exporting applications

Saving PDF files

Calculating PDF sizes

Saving text files

Exporting 3D files

Saving binary files

Working with Video


Playing a video

Exporting image sequences

Manipulating pixels in a video

Using filters

Controlling the speed of a video

Jumping to a specific frame

Blending video

Audio Visualization


Importing the Minim library

Playing audio files

Using live audio

Drawing a waveform

Using Fast Fourier Transforms

Audio reactive particles

Creating a drum machine

Creating a synthesizer

Using effects

Exploring Computer Vision


Using a webcam

Thresholding video

Blob tracking

Color tracking

Installing the OpenCV library

Accessing a webcam with OpenCV

Face detection with OpenCV

Defining the region of interest with OpenCV

Manipulating video with OpenCV

Exploring JavaScript Mode


Creating your first Processing sketch for the Web

Creating a custom HTML template

Working with fonts

Working with images/SVG files

Creating 3D sketches for the Web

Using Processing.js without the Processing editor

Writing sketches with JavaScript

Using Processing.js with jQuery

Getting started with the Toxiclibs.js library

Exploring Android Mode


Installing the Android SDK

Running your sketch in the Android Emulator

Running your sketch on an Android device

Accessing screen size and density

Responding to touch interaction

Using the accelerometer

Using the GPS

Creating 3D sketches on Android

Adding an icon to your Android App

Using Processing with Other Editors


Installing Eclipse

Installing the Processing plugin for Eclipse

Write your first sketch with the Processing Eclipse plugin

Installing the Processing library template in Eclipse

Writing Processing libraries

Installing the Processing tool template

Writing Processing tools

Using Processing with IntelliJ IDEA