PacktLib: SproutCore Web Application Development

SproutCore Web Application Development


About the Author

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Introducing SproutCore

Understanding the SproutCore approach

Knowing when SproutCore is the right choice

Building your first SproutCore application


The Runtime Environment

Building on SproutCore's object model

Using mixins to share functionality

Working with properties and computed properties

Observing properties for instant updates

Binding properties for error-free consistency

Working with enumerables

Understanding the run loop


The View Layer

MVC in SproutCore

Understanding the View layer

Becoming familiar with SC.View and SC.Pane

Organizing panes using SC.Page

Laying out views

Styling views

Rendering custom views

Updating custom views

Responding to user events in custom views


The Model Layer

Understanding the Model and Data Interface layers

Introducing the data store

Defining your data model

Creating custom attribute properties

Defining record relationships

Following the life cycle of SC.Record

Querying the store

Synchronizing data with a remote data source

Implementing remote data source adaptors


The Controller Layer

Understanding the Controller and Application State layers

Working with SproutCore's controllers

Designing with statecharts

Avoiding pitfalls with statecharts

Coding with statecharts


Testing, Building, and Deploying

Unit testing SproutCore apps

Using frameworks and modules

Building and deploying apps