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Mind Mapping with FreeMind


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Creating a Mind Map: Dos and Don'ts


Ordering a mind map

Visual attraction

Adding different types of nodes

Usage of icons

Exact text

Boundaries and branches

Writing sufficient information

Adding necessary notes

Writing a Mind Map: Using the Right Words



Representing the subject matter

Connecting words and lines

Length of lines and words

Writing noun phrases after listening to MP3 files

Uploading the mind map to

Developing a radiant hierarchy through word sizes

Associating ideas through words and icons

Picturing a Mind Map: Using Visual Thinking


Inserting an image

Developing a graphic technique

Working with bitmaps

Designing SVG for mind maps

Photographic mind map

Sizing an image

Inserting an external object from Flickr

Using time icons

Adding Hyperlinks and Linking the Mind Map


Linking to an e-mail address

Inserting and removing a hyperlink from a text field

Adding a graphical link to nodes and changing its color

Adding a local hyperlink

Importing folders and subfolders

Following a link to fold or unfold the tree

Sharing a Mind Map: Using the Best of Mobile and Web Features


Exporting a branch as a new map or HTML

Exporting the mind map to bitmaps or vector graphics

Uploading the mind map on Flickr and sharing it

Exporting the mind map as HTML

Exporting the mind map as XHTML

Exporting the mind map as Flash

Exporting the mind map as an OpenOffice Writer document and uploading to Google Docs

Viewing an interactive mind map in a web browser