PacktLib: OpenNebula 3 Cloud Computing

OpenNebula 3 Cloud Computing



About the Author

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OpenNebula and Why it Matters?

The core features


Building Up Your Cloud

Typical cloud hardware

Book conventions

Basic OS installation and partitioning

OpenNebula installation through pre-built packages

Basic OpenNebula configuration

OpenNebula frontend configuration



Configuring hosts

Managing hosts in OpenNebula

Networking drivers

KVM installation

The Xen installation

Installing VMware ESXi

Installing Libvirt with ESX support


Choosing Your Storage Carefully

How a transfer manager works

Non-shared storage through SSH/CP

Shared storage through NFS on the frontend

Shared storage through NFS using NAS/SAN

Shared storage through distributed file systems

Shared storage through GlusterFS

Shared Storage through MooseFS


Being Operational—Everything Starts Here!

Launch a test instance—ttylinux

Managing the virtual networks

Managing the disk images

Managing virtual machines

The virtual machine template


The template repository


Web Management

Sunstone installation

First log in


Health and Monitoring

Checking the status of the available hosts

Host monitoring and failure recovery hooks

VM monitoring and failure recovery hooks

A custom hook: e-mail notification for each failure

Expanding data collected by the IM

What is Ganglia?

Ganglia architecture and deployment on the frontend

Deploying gmond on the remaining hosts

Multiple Ganglia cluster configuration (for VMs)

Ganglia PHP web frontend usage

Ganglia integration with OpenNebula IM

Sending alerts when a metric reaches a user limit


Hybrid Cloud Computing: Extending OpenNebula

Why use an external Cloud provider?

What is AWS

AWS signup and first login

Requirements for using EC2 in OpenNebula

OpenNebula configuration

Launching the first VM instance on EC2

A more complex template example

Multi-region (or provider) support

Windows instances

Adding storage to a running instance

Moving data around different AZ

A very simple EBS backup script

Monitoring active instances


Public Cloud Computing and High Availability with OpenNebula

Setting up the EC2 Query interface

Using the EC2 Interface

OCCI Interface

Using the OCCI interface

OpenNebula Zones and VDC

Setting up oZones server

Managing the zones

Managing Virtual Data Centers

Using a VDC

Using the oZones GUI