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Plotting Curves, Boxes, Points, and more


Plotting a function

Plotting multiple curves

Using two different y-axes

Making a scatterplot

Plotting boxes

Plotting circles

Drawing filled curves

Handling financial data

Making a basic histogram plot

Stacking histograms

Plotting multiple histograms

Dealing with errors

Making a statistical whisker plot

Making an impulse plot

Graphing parametric curves

Plotting with polar coordinates

Annotating with Labels and Legends


Labeling the axes

Setting the label size

Adding a legend

Putting a box around the legend

Adding a label with an arrow

Using Unicode characters [new]

Putting equations in your labels

Applying Colors and Styles


Coloring your curves

Styling your curves

Applying transparency [new]

Plotting points with curves

Changing the point style

Changing the plot size

Positioning graphs on the page [new]

Plotting with objects [new]

Controlling your Tics


Adding minor tics

Placing tics on the second y-axis

Adjusting the tic size

Removing all tics

Defining the tic values

Making the tics stick out

Setting manual tics

Plotting with dates and times

Changing the language used for labels [new]

Using European-style decimals [new]

Formatting tic labels

Combining Multiple Plots


Arranging an array of plots

Positioning plots manually

Creating an inset plot

Multiplotting with labels and arrows

Including Plots in Documents


Introducing gnuplot's high-quality graphics formats [new]

Adding a plot to a paper using LaTeX

Assembling a document using TikZ and LaTeX [new]

Assembling a document using epslatex

Using gnuplot within LaTeX

Creating presentation slides with incrementally displayed graphs

Including a plot in a web page

Making an interactive plot for the Web [new]

Programming gnuplot and Dealing with Data


Scripting gnuplot with its own language

Plotting on subintervals

Smoothing your data

Fitting functions to your data

Using kdensity smoothing to improve on histograms [new]

Creating a cumulative distribution [new]

Talking to gnuplot with C

Scripting gnuplot with Python

Plotting with Clojure

Handling volatile data [new]

The Third Dimension


Making a surface plot

Using coordinate mappings

Coloring the surface

Making a contour plot

Making a vector plot

Making an image plot or heat map

Combining contours and images

Combining surfaces with images

Plotting a path in 3D

Drawing parametric surfaces

Using and Making Graphical User Interfaces


Using the Java gnuplot GUI JGP

Using the Emacs GUI

Sharing with Plotshare

Writing a web GUI for gnuplot

Surveying Special Topics


Avoiding overlapping labels

Plotting labels from files

Mapping the Earth

Making a labeled contour plot

Softening the axes

Putting arrows on the axes

Plotting with pictures

Breaking an axis

Fitting the grid to the data

Coloring the axes

Finding Help and Information