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Writing your first jQuery Mobile application

Using JS Bin to create a simple application

Pages and Dialogs


Writing a single-page template application

Writing a multi-page template application

Prefetching pages for faster navigation

Using the DOM cache to improve performance

Custom styling a dialog

Using CSS to create a bouncing page transition

Using JS to create a slide and fade page transition

Using data-url to handle the login page navigation

Using History API to create a custom error pop up



Using fullscreen fixed toolbars

Using persistent navbars in toolbars

Customizing the header with multiple buttons

Adding a customized round button to the header

Adding an image to the header

Adding a customized back button

Adding a layout grid to the footer

Buttons and Content Formatting


Scripting a dynamically added button

Using a custom icon in a button

Adding a custom icon sprite

Replacing the default icon sprite

Using alternate icons in a collapsible

Creating a nested accordion

Creating a custom layout grid

Using XML content

Using JSON content



Native styling of form controls

Disabling text controls

Grouping radio buttons in a grid

Customizing a checkbox group

Creating dynamic flip switch and slider controls

Using options to auto-initialize a select menu

Validating forms

Submitting a form using POST

Fetching data using GET

Creating an accessible form

List Views


Using inset and non-inset lists

Creating a custom numbered list

Using a nested list

Using a read-only nested list

Formatting content in a list

Using a split button list

Using image icons

Creating a custom search filter

Modifying a list with JavaScript



Configuring the active classes

Configuring ajaxEnabled

Configuring autoInitializePage

Configuring the default transitions

Configuring ignoreContentEnabled

Configuring the page loading and error messages

Configuring the default namespace

Configuring hashListeningEnabled and subPageUrlKey

Configuring pushStateEnabled and linkBindingEnabled



Using orientation events

Using scroll events

Using touch events

Virtual mouse events

Page initialization events

Page load and remove events

Page change events

Page transition and animation events

Using layout events

Methods and Utilities


Using loadPage() to load a page

Using changePage() to change a page

Using jqmData() and jqmRemoveData()

Using jqmEnhanceable()

Using jqmHijackable

Using $.mobile.base

Parsing an URL

Using $.mobile.path utility methods

Using silent scrolling

The Theme Framework


Theming a nested list

Using a custom background

Using custom fonts

Styling corners

Overriding the global Active State theme

Overriding an existing swatch

Using the ThemeRoller tool to create a swatch

HTML5 and jQuery Mobile


Using the new HTML5 semantics

Improving speed and taking your application offline

Using Web Workers for intensive tasks

Using local and session storage

2D drawing with Canvas

Applying Gaussian blur on a SVG image

Tracking your location with the Geolocation API

Playing music with the

Viewing videos with the