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Alfresco Share


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Building a Corporate Collaboration Strategy

Alfresco Share

Collaboration capabilities of Alfresco Share

Strategizing for developing efficient collaboration

Benefiting with Alfresco Share

A Case Study to explain Alfresco Share as a collaborative framework


Installation and Configuration

Which installation option is suitable for you?

Accessing the application

Software requirements

Production environment verification

Installing Alfresco using the setup wizards

Installing Alfresco on Tomcat

Installing Alfresco components

Extending Alfresco

Running Alfresco


Alfresco Share Architecture

An overview of the Alfresco Repository

The Spring Surf framework

The Alfresco Share structure

Working with the Alfresco Share Surf framework

Accessing Alfresco Repository using web scripts

How data is stored in the Alfresco Repository

Share configuration architecture

Applications using the Alfresco Surf platform


Administering Share and Configuring Authentication Access

The Alfresco security model

Managing system users

Managing groups

User dashboard

Configuring authentication subsystems

Administrative functions


Managing and Configuring a Site

Managing sites

Site membership

Configuring a site


Collaboration Features in Share

The wiki page

The Blog page

Data Lists

Site Calendar




Document Library

The Document Library page

Creating folders and folder hierarchy

Uploading files and creating documents

Document details page

Document actions

Document versioning

Thumbnails and universal viewing with web previews

Tagging documents

Search for documents

Accessing the Repository


Implementing Workflow

Introduction to the Alfresco workflow process

Advanced workflows

Out-of-the-box features of the workflow


Configuring Share

Introduction to content model

Custom configuration

Configuration files for the default content model

Configure custom content types and aspects in Share

Configure advanced search

Configure an advanced workflow

Configure Data Lists

Enabling Google Docs

Manage the number of actions on the document library's content

Custom actions

Hiding the Repository from Share

Customizing the metadata template

Defining status indicators


Packaging and Deploying Share

Setting up the development environment

Installing Eclipse

Configuring the Alfresco SDK using Eclipse

Configuring the project for development

Creating a project structure

Deployment approaches

Building an application