PacktLib: Apache Tomcat 7 Essentials

Apache Tomcat 7 Essentials


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Installation of Tomcat 7

History of Tomcat

Installation of Tomcat 7

Common problems and troubleshooting in installation


Configuration and Deployment

Configuration files and their usage

Configuration of Tomcat 7

Comparison of the datasource for common databases

Deployment in Tomcat 7

Types of deployment

Common issues in deployment, configuration, and their troubleshooting


Performance Tuning

Performance tuning for Tomcat 7

How to start performance tuning

Tomcat components tuning

JVM tuning

OS tuning


Integration of Tomcat with the Apache Web Server

User request flow (web/application level)

Why the Apache HTTP server

Installation of the Apache HTTP

Apache Jserv protocol

IIS integration with Tomcat 7

Common issues and troubleshooting for integration


Securing Tomcat 7

Tomcat Manager

Tomcat security permissions

Enabling Tomcat Manager

Securing Tomcat 7 for production

SSL configuration on Tomcat 7


Logging in Tomcat 7


Loggers, appenders, and layouts

Types of logging in Tomcat 7

Types of log levels in Tomcat 7


Values for Tomcat 7

Log analysis


Troubleshooting in Tomcat

Common problem areas for web administrators

How to troubleshoot a problem

How to obtain a thread dump in Tomcat 7

Web server benchmarking


Monitoring and Management of Tomcat 7

Different ways of monitoring

Monitoring setup for a web application and database server

Tomcat Manager in Tomcat 7

Monitoring in Tomcat 7

JConsole configuration on Tomcat 7


Clustering in Tomcat 7

What is a cluster?

Clustering architecture

Vertical clustering in Apache Tomcat 7

Horizontal clustering in Apache Tomcat 7

Testing of the clustered instance

Monitoring of Tomcat clustering


Tomcat Upgrade

Different types of environment

Life cycle of the upgrade

Tomcat upgrade from 6 to 7

ITIL process implementation


Advanced Configuration for Apache Tomcat 7

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting in Tomcat 7

Hostname aliases

Multiple applications hosting on a single Tomcat 7 instance

Multiple Tomcat environments—Development/QA/Stage/Production

Tuning cache

Optimization of Tomcat 7