PacktLib: Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook

Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Setting up Webform


Downloading and installing Webform

Configuring Webform for our website

Setting user roles and permissions

Trying Out Webform


Creating a Webform node

Adding textfield components to our Webform

Cloning components

Adding e-mail components

Adding textarea components

Adding fieldset components

Adding select components

Configuring a reply e-mail

Testing our Webform

Working with Submissions


Viewing submissions metadata

Viewing submissions

Editing submissions

Analyzing submitted data

Downloading submissions

Deleting submissions

Clearing the database

Changing Webform results defaults

Discovering More Components


Adding a page break component

Adding a markup component

Adding a hidden component

Adding a grid component

Adding a date component

Adding a time component

Adding a file component

Enhancing component descriptions with HTML

Tweaking the Form Settings


Confirming submissions

Limiting submissions

Closing and reopening forms

Limiting access to forms

Displaying Webform as block

Saving draft submissions

Warning about previous submissions

Customizing submit button text

Extending Webform


Enabling the Select (or other) module

Using the Options Element

Defining custom option lists

Enabling date pop-up

Sending HTML e-mails

Preventing spam with CAPTCHA

Advanced data validation

Theming Webform


Preparing our custom theme

Adding custom CSS

Adding JavaScript tricks

Theming the confirmation page

Theming Webform e-mail headers

Acting on Webform Submissions


Modifying submitted data

Adding custom validation

Creating Webform Components


Creating the component module

Defining component features

Defining component defaults

Editing components

Rendering components

Displaying and reporting component data

Analyzing component data

Validating submitted data

Testing the module

Creating Submission Actions


Creating a new select component

Creating the module

Creating a conditional action

Adding a menu item

Confirming the requested action

Updating a submission

Sending an e-mail

Testing the module

Presenting and Managing Data


Building custom reports

Counting Webform submissions with views

Tracking changes to submissions

Going Out of the Box


Building a survey form

Defining same-page conditional fields

Validating on the client side

Importing submissions