PacktLib: jQuery Mobile First Look

jQuery Mobile First Look


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What is jQuery Mobile?

How jQuery Mobile was born

jQuery mobile and other libraries

How to get jQuery mobile

jQuery Mobile in action

Getting involved


Organizing Content: Pages and Dialogs

Understanding page structure

How multi-page templates work

How to link internal and external pages

Navigation and page transitioning in AJAX

Dialogs: creation, deletion, and behavior

Theming pages and dialogs


Configuring and Extending jQuery Mobile

Customizing default settings

Handling events

Working with methods and utilities

Using the theme framework


Reading, Writing, Communicating: Content

How content is displayed

Using columns and grids

A note on collapsible blocks

Theming content


Navigation Made Easier: Toolbars

How do toolbars actually work?

Different types of bars

On positioning

Theming toolbars


Mobile Clicking: Buttons

What do buttons look and feel like in jQuery mobile?

Buttons markup and icons

Displaying buttons

Theming buttons


Transmitting Information: Forms

Form basics

Input elements

Flip switches, radio buttons, and checkboxes

Sliders and select menus

Theming forms


Organizing Information: List Views

Basics and conventions for list views

Choosing the list type as per your requirements

Spicing up your lists


API Calls and Properties

API Calls and Properties

Resources and Troubleshooting

Resources and Troubleshooting

Resources and Troubleshooting

Resources and Troubleshooting