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Sencha Touch Cookbook


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Gear up for the Journey


Setting up the Android-based development environment

Setting up the iOS-based development environment

Setting up the Blackberry-based development environment

Setting up the browser-based development environment

Setting up the production environment

Detecting the device

Finding information about features that are supported in the current environment

Initializing your application

Tweaking your application to configure itself using profiles

Responding to the orientation change

Catering to your Form Related Needs


Getting your form ready with FormPanel

Working with search

Putting custom validation in the e-mail field

Working with dates using DatePicker

Making a field hidden

Working with the select field

Changing the value using Slider

Spinning the number wheel using Spinner

Toggling between your two choices

Checkbox and Checkbox group

Text and TextArea

Grouping fields with FieldSet

Validating your form

Containers and Layouts


Keeping the container lightweight

Working with Panel

Adding items to a container at runtime

Building wizards using CardLayout

Panel docking using DockLayout

Fitting into the container using FitLayout

Arranging your items horizontally using HBoxLayout

Arranging your items vertically using VBoxLayout

Mixing layouts

Building Custom Views


Basic HTML templating using Template

Using XTemplate for advanced templating

Conditional view rendering using XTemplate

Designing a custom view using DataView

Showing the filtered data

Responding to the user action

Dealing with Data and Data Sources


Creating models

Loading the form using a data model

Working with Store

Converting incoming JSON data into models using JsonReader

Converting incoming XML data into models using XmlReader

Validations in models

Defining the custom validation

Relating models using association

Persisting session-specific data using SessionStorageProxy

Persisting data using LocalStorageProxy

Accessing in-memory data using MemoryProxy

Loading data through AJAX using AjaxProxy

Sorting of the data

Data grouping

Filtering data

Using a cross-domain URL in your application

Adding the Components


Working with Button

Creating a sheet of buttons with ActionSheet


Managing a list of data using List

Grouping items in a List

Navigating through a list of data using indexBar

Working with a list of nested data using NestedList

Picking your choice using Picker

Switching between multiple views using SegmentedButton

Working with Tab panels

Quicker access to application features using Toolbar

Creating a new component

Extending an existing component capability

Overriding a component behavior

Adding behavior to an existing component using plugins

Adding Audio/Visual Appeal


Animate me!

Ding-dong! You have a message!

Working with videos

Adding the chart support to your app

Working with an area chart

Generating a bar chart

Creating a column chart

Showing a group of bars and columns

Switching between stacked and grouped orientation

Highlighting and displaying an item detail

Creating a gauge chart

Creating a line chart

Creating a pie chart

Rotating the pies

Grouping the pies

Highlighting a pie

Using a radar chart

Using a scatter chart

Taking your Application Offline


Detecting offline mode

Storing your data offline

Storing your images offline

Application caching

Engaging Users by Responding to Events


Handling Touch Events

Handling Scroll Events

Handling Tap Events

Handling Double Tap Events

Handling TapHold Events

Handling Swipe Events

Handling Pinch Events

Handling Drag Events

Increased Relevance Using Geolocation


Finding out your location

Auto-update of your location

Tracking direction and speed

Hooking up Google Maps with your application

Working with Google Maps options

Mapping Geolocation on Google Maps