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FreeSWITCH Cookbook


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Routing Calls


Internal calls

Incoming DID calls

Outgoing calls

Ringing multiple endpoints simultaneously

Ringing multiple endpoints sequentially (simple failover)

Advanced multiple endpoint calling with enterprise originate

Time of day routing

Manipulating To: headers on registered endpoints to reflect DID numbers

Connecting Telephones and Service Providers


Configuring a SIP phone to register with FreeSWITCH

Connecting audio devices with PortAudio

Using FreeSWITCH as a softphone

Configuring a SIP gateway

Configuring Google Voice

Codec configuration

Processing Call Detail Records


Using CSV CDRs

Using XML CDRs

Inserting CDRs into a backend database

Using a web server to handle XML CDRs

Using the event socket to handle CDRs

External Control


Getting familiar with the fs_cli interface

Setting up the event socket library

Establishing an inbound event socket connection

Establishing an outbound event socket connection

Using fs_ivrd to manage outbound connections

Filtering events

Launching a call with an inbound event socket connection

Using the ESL connection object for call control

Using the built-in web interface

PBX Functionality


Creating users

Accessing voicemail

Company directory

Using phrase macros to build sound prompts

Creating XML IVR menus

Music on hold

Creating conferences

Sending faxes

Receiving faxes

Basic text-to-speech with mod_flite

Advanced text-to-speech with mod_tts_commandline

Listening to live calls with telecast

Recording calls