PacktLib: PhoneGap Beginner's Guide



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Installing PhoneGap

Operating systems


Getting started with iOS

Time for action – Getting an app running on the simulator

Installing PhoneGap-iPhone

Time for action – Hello World with PhoneGap-iPhone

Getting started with Android

Time for action – Getting the SDK running

Time for action – Hello World on PhoneGap Android

Getting started with BlackBerry web works

Time for action – Your first PhoneGap BlackBerry app


Building and Debugging on Multiple Platforms

Designing with desktop browsers

Developing our first application: You Are The Best

Time for action – Initial design and functionality

Using the web inspector

Time for action – Simple logging and error checking

Moving to native platforms

Time for action – You Are The Best for iPhone


Mobile Web to Mobile Applications

Implementing web server roles

Time for action – Implementing LocalStorage

View templating

Time for action – Food detail view

Time for action – Talking about food


Managing a Cross-Platform Codebase

Inherent differences between platforms

Time for action - Detection and fallbacks


HTML5 APIs and Mobile JavaScript

Mobile JavaScript

Time for action – Downloading, building, and using XUI


Time for action – My dinner with PhoneGap

Time for action: Dinner dashboard


CSS3: Transitions, Transforms, and Animation

Translate with transitions

Time for action – The modal tweet view


Time for action – Scrolling list of food

Explicit animations

Time for action – Animating our headline


Accessing Device Sensors with PhoneGap

What are device sensors?

Time for action – A postcard writer

Accelerometer data

Time for action – Detecting shakes

Orientation media queries

Time for action – Landscape postcards


Accessing Camera Data and Files

Time for action – Hello World with the Camera API

What about when we finally get an image?

Time for action – Getting a file path to display

Time for action – Saving pictures


Reading and Writing to Contacts

Time for action – navigator.service.contacts.find

Time for action – Making friends


PhoneGap Plugins

Getting PhoneGap plugins

Time for action – Integrating ChildBrowser

Time for action – Battery view

Porting your plugin

Time for action – Android and BlackBerry


Working Offline: Sync and Caching

Ruby and Sinatra

Time for action – A news site, with an API

Time for action – Caching stories in a local database


Deploying to iOS

Deploying to iOS

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