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ExtGWT Rich Internet Application Cookbook


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Playing with Panels and Windows


Creating a basic window

Building windows that can be maximized, resized, dragged, and made modal

Creating dialog windows

Pre-empt users with messages

Building a window management system

Playing Hide and Seek with Tabs


Building tabbed content with custom tab icons

Creating bottom navigation tabs

Creating a tab panel with scrollable tab strip

Programmatically adding/removing a tab

Tab notification

Searching for, locating, and selecting a particular tab

Showing a tab strip for only two or more tabs

Click-ware: Buttons, Toolbars, and Menus


Creating buttons with text and icons

Aligning buttons

Creating on/off toggle buttons

Organizing actions with the menu and split buttons

Building a bar of tools

Crafting multi-column buttons in ToolBar

Binding a single action to several click-wares

Crafting UI Real Estate


Organizing navigation with AccordionLayout

Snapping components even when resized

UI cardinality with BorderLayout

Building a basic wizard with CardLayout

RowLayout vertical and horizontal aligning

Building grids with ColumnLayout

Building DashBoards

Engaging Users with Forms and Data Input


Building a simple form with basic validation

Showing options with combos

Customizing a combo's bound model

Linking combos

Capturing multiple input selection

Simple FileUpload and processing

Binding data into forms

Building a better slider field

Data Hierarchy with Trees


Building a basic tree

Custom node labels

Decorating trees with icons

Augmenting trees with ContextMenu

Building trees with checkbox selection

Building asynchronous trees

Custom sorting within trees

The Venerable Grid Component


Basic grid: numbered rows, re-orderable columns

Formatting cell data

Grouping column headers

Aggregating column data

Easy record selection with checkboxes

Entering validated data into a grid

Automatic pagination in grids

Data grouping in grids

Custom rendering for grid groups

Live data group summaries

BeanModel grid

Intuitive record filtering

Templates and Views


Formatting data with a basic template

Doing logic in templates

Doing math in templates

Custom ComboBox displays

Giving details with RowExpander

Data Makeovers with Charts and Visualizations


Using a bar chart

Using a pie chart

Using a line chart

Using an area chart

Visualizing data from a component

Visualizing remote Data

Drawing on a canvas



Dragging any component

Simple DnD within components

DnD across components

DnD from desktop, with HTML5

Implementing custom DnD on tabs

Advanced Tips


Client/server persistence setup

Client/server persistence

A novel UI with MVP, actions, and a bus

History and view transitions

Real-time server push



Setting a default theme

Registering and using themes

Switching themes at runtime

Customizing a theme

Building a custom theme

Event Handling — Making Those GUIs Do Something

Event Handling — Making Those GUIs Do Something

Event Handling — Making Those GUIs Do Something

Event Handling — Making Those GUIs Do Something

Custom Icons in GXT

Custom Icons in GXT

Custom Icons in GXT








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