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Setting Scenes


Working with templates to create a new planet

Checking the instances that compose a scene

Inspecting the properties for each instance that composes a scene

Defining a light's initial properties

Animating light's properties

Animating an instance's property

Checking the procedures and functions for each instance

Playing background music

Working with Actors


Browsing galleries to search for a specific class

Creating a new instance from a class in a gallery

Setting initial properties for an actor

Moving an actor

Organizing Statements


Performing many statements in order

Using a counter to run statements many times

Working with Functions and Conditions


Running conditional code

Running conditional code within a counter

Working with Variables


Working with a local variable

Changing values of variables

Working with many local variables

Working with constants

Using arrays to control two instances

Using variables to hold instances of generic classes

Using variables to hold separate instances

Working with Properties


Defining new properties to store real numbers

Using properties to call procedures

Changing the properties initial values

Combining local variables and properties

Calculating new values for properties

Working with many instances of the same class

Using properties to call functions

Assigning values entered by the user to properties

Working with People


Creating a random person

Customizing a person's body

Customizing a person's head

Animating a person's body

Animating a person's head

Interaction between characters in the scene

Working with Keyboard and Mouse Input


Defining a mouse button listener

Reacting to mouse events

Controlling an actor with the mouse

Defining a key listener

Reacting to keyboard events

Controlling an actor with keystrokes

Controlling the camera with the keyboard

Controlling multiple actors with keystrokes

Creating Interactive Stories


Dressing a person

Building a house

Customizing the Output


Controlling the output to get different views

Setting the camera's initial position

Exporting a video

Sharing a video

Working with multiple camera markers

Providing different points of view for a 3D world

Following characters with the camera