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Magento 1.4 Themes Design


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Introduction to Magento

What is Magento?

Default Magento 1.4 themes

Showcase of Magento themes

Challenges of Magento theme design

Why create a custom Magento theme?

Installing Magento 1.4


Exploring Magento Themes

Magento terminology

What makes a Magento theme?

Theme hierarchy in Magento: the fallback pattern

The Blank theme

Installing and activating a Magento theme

Good practice in Magento theming


Magento Theme Basics

Magento's cache

Changing your store's logo

Changing your store's favicon

Displaying products on the homepage

Customizing the default placeholder product image

Customizing the product image watermark


Magento Theme Layouts

Magento layout terminology

Template Path Hints and Block Name Hints

A brief guide to XML

Changing a page's layout

Default and non-default handles in Magento layout


Non-default Magento Themes

Beginning a new Magento 1.4 theme

Styling your store's header

Styling your store's content area

Styling your store's footer

The theme so far


More Magento Theming

The theme so far

Using @font-face with Magento 1.4

Magento's customer account views

Navigation in Magento

Magento's product view


Customizing Advanced Magento Layout

Magento error messages and views

Customizing Magento's 404—not found view

Styling your store's breadcrumb

Adding JavaScript into your Magento theme: Lightbox-style effects to Magento's product page

Adding a conditional stylesheet for Internet Explorer in Magento

Adding a new block to your Magento theme

Customizing your Magento store's labels with translate.csv

Adding a custom block to Magento CMS pages


Magento E-mail Templates

Transactional e-mail templates in Magento

Customizing Magento newsletter templates

Integrating external HTML newsletter systems with Magento

Making Magento e-mail templates ready for use

Testing e-mail templates


Social Media and Magento

Twitter integration with Magento

Integrating Facebook with Magento

Further social media integration with Magento


Magento Print Style

Magento Default theme's print styling

Using Magento layout to include a print stylesheet

Creating a custom print stylesheet for your Magento theme

Overcoming a common browser-specific problem in print stylesheets